Your business should not take fire safety precautions lightly. It’s one of the best ways to ensure a safe working environment for your employees. Your business (big or small) can take the necessary precautions today to ensure that in the event of fire outbreak, your employees will be safe. Get experts to educate your staff about fire safety and what they can do prevent fire or accidents. Your staff should be trained to spot potential fire hazards. An educated mind is half the battle won on fire prevention.

One of the common reasons for fires in the workplace is down to human error. Accidents like knocking liquid onto electrical equipment, burning food in the kitchen or spilling flammable or combustible liquids can easily be avoided. They can be prevented with a proactive program reinforced by training.

This infographic from Fire Seals Direct shows recently collected statistics on the result of fires in the workplace for both employers and employees, and a checklist of how to make sure your workplace is fire safe.



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