Meetings are vital for business professionals. Meetings don’t have to be so painful. Most meetings are a waste of time. Some meetings are not even necessary. But if you have to meet, you can make them more productive.

When setting up the meeting takes longer than the meeting itself, you know you have a problem. Whether you need to schedule a meeting, draft an agenda, or simply remember who needs to be there or invited, these apps can make all the difference that matters.

Scheduling a meeting time shouldn’t be hard. These are a few of the best apps out there to make scheduling easier and meetings more productive. One or two of these apps could be useful for scheduling you next business meeting.

1/ Sunrise Meet –The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting.

2/ Do — helps people run productive meetings.

3/ Doodle — simplifies scheduling.

4/ GoToMeeting Free — Free online meetings for up to 3 people.

5/ — Video conversations with up to 8 people for free.

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6/ Meeting Burner — Webinar or meeting for up to 10 people absolutely free.

7/ Meekan for Slack — Your Slack team’s scheduling robot assistant.

8/ Calendly — Recurring appointments (relies almost exclusively on Google).

9/ NeedToMeet — Collaborative scheduling.

10/ Less Meeting — integrates meetings with calendars, notes and to-do lists.

Less Meeting

11/ Room — Stress-free video calls within your browser, in seconds.

12/ Clara — Virtual employee that schedules your meetings

13/ — is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.

14/ Charlie — Make a killer impression on anyone you meet with.

15/ Pick —allows for simple scheduling among a group of Google Calendar users.


16/ Tatsu — Standup meetings in Slack.

17/ — For hands-off Google Calendar scheduling.


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