When it comes to keeping your business safe, implementing workplace security processes can go a long way towards minimising risk. Shoddy half measures will do little to help, and could even jeopardise the validity of your insurance policy, so it’s important to get it right.

To help you out, here are some top tips for keeping your enterprise safe, secure, and free of theft.  Keep your business safe today with these five top tips.

#1: Choose your location carefully.

The decision over where to locate your facility could have a sizeable impact when it comes to keeping your business safe from theft. High crime areas will drive up insurance premiums and significantly increase your chance of being burgled, whilst low crime locations will have the opposite effect.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that high crime areas should not be ruled out completely. On average, rents in these areas tend to be around 60 per cent lower than elsewhere, which would leave you a substantial sum of money to invest in anti-crime measures. Also, as they’re usually poorly served by local retailers, you may find that you have little to no competition, and a built in customer base from day one.

#2: Secure your premises.

Irrespective of where your business is located, you can still install security features to minimise your risk of theft. A great place to start is by securing the premises, which means that steel security doors, folding metal security gates to cover your storefront, and security fencing from companies like Paramount Steel Fence are all a good idea.

#3: Install an alarm system.

Your next step should be to install an alarm system. Depending on the specific features of the building, motion sensors, breaking glass detectors, window and door alarms can all be a good idea. To really keep the building safe, you may want to have these wired up to a security monitoring service or your local police department. Alternatively, you can have them programmed to send a message to your mobile if something sets them off.

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#4: Install external lighting.

External lighting is another good idea. This should cover all access points into the building, as well as your parking lot. It will make it far easier for passers-by to detect any wrongdoing, which makes it a fantastic deterrent for thieves.

#5: Create a written security policy.

As a final measure, you should also consider formulating a written security policy to hand out to your employees. This should include any security rules, such as responsibility for locking up, alarm codes and information, and who to contact in the event of any suspicious activity.

#6: Set up surveillance

People you trust in your business or someone who has authorized access could misuse that authority. You need a way to know who goes in and out and when. To beef up security at the premises of your business, A video surveillance camera, placed in a location that makes it difficult to tamper with or disable (or even to find) but gives a good view of persons entering and leaving can supplement an electronic access system or a simple log system most businesses use.

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