The old business model that prevailed during the past century has been replaced, suddenly and with great finality, by the massive explosion in technology that has taken place over the course of the past decade. The previous methods of gathering information concerning potential customers have been superseded by newer and far more precise techniques.

Account based marketing: The future Of sales anticipation

As a result, the modern business market has been flooded with a great many self styled gurus and marketing wizards who have claimed to be the foremost experts on the new way of gathering info and anticipating future sales. There is certainly no lack of seminars being given, and e-books being written, on such topics of contemporary interest.

However, when it comes to solid, reliable information concerning such subjects as the new style of Account Based Marketing, there are only a few companies on the Internet that are reliably experienced and equipped to share this data. So what is Account Based Marketing, and why is it so important for your business model to incorporate this new method?

Account based marketing: The textbook definition

Put simply, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a modern sales technique by which a company communicates with, and gathers data on, individual customer accounts (prospective or current) as a “market of one”. This stands in contrast to older methods of data gathering that normally involved combing through whole organizations or swaths of the population in order to compile statistics and calculate the direction of their future allegiance.

How can account based marketing become a game changer for your company?

You may well be wondering just how account based marketing can become a “game changer” for your company. If so, consider this: Marketing toward the individual, and as many individuals as possible, will garner you concrete info concerning their personal brand and service preferences, as well as their spending habits.

Concentrating on the individual, rather than the aggregate, enables you to spend more time on crafting fully personalized methods of garnering the allegiance of a potential customer, simply by “speaking to the face, not the wallet”. Account based marketing thus allows for a wider flexibility within the relationship between a company and its existing and potential customers.

Concentrating on a personalized approach will enable you to retain the business of long time customers, as well create productive relationships with potential new ones. Having a better idea of what your customers expect and desire from your company gives you a much more realistic idea of the business model you need to adopt in the future.

Resources for additional info

As has been shown, account based marketing is a valid and profitable strategy that has increased the bottom line of many a business by an exponential factor. If you are searching for more information concerning account based marketing or related topics, there are a number of sources on the web that can be accessed with confidence.

The LeadBridge Sales Intelligence page has a great deal of info on the subject. It is recommended that you make a full inquiry into the matter before you attempt to implement it into the fabric of your own business endeavors. Account Based Marketing is a complex scheme that may require professional advise and assistance to manage with success.

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