Women are not well represented in technical or founder roles in new startups. If you work in the startup world, this is no news to you. In recent years, the trend is changing for the better. In the period from 2009 to 2014, CrunchBase records 14,341 U.S.-based startups that received funding. Of those, 15.5%, or 2,226, have at least one female founder.  While women are rocking the business world at large, only 3% of technology startups in Silicon Valley are started by women. Women may be underrepresented throughout the tech sector, but they’re building some incredible startups.

1. Homejoy — Get your place cleaned.

2. Front 2.0 — Shared team inboxes to manage Email, Twitter, SMS & more.

3. Archively — The destination for your people research.

4. Matter mark — Ranking 800,000+ high growth Internet companies.

5. The Muse — Curated career platform.

the Muse

6. Campus Job — Find students to hire as your Campus Reps effortlessly.

7. uBeam — Wireless electricity. Drop your cords & take charge.

8. Nandimobile — leverages mobile phones for communications between businesses and their customers.

9. Hitlist 2.0 — List where you want to go, get fare sale alerts.

10. Getaround — Rent exotic cars near you, right from your phone.



11. Boomerang for Gmail— the ultimate toolbox to control sending/receiving emails.

12. Fittr — Reach your fitness goals with personally tailored workouts.

13. DWNLD — Create instantly beautiful native apps (pre-launch).

14. Glass breakers — A peer mentorship community for professional women.

15. Luzme — Never pay full-price for an ebook again.



16. Mattermark — Research, prospect, & track fast growing private companies.

17. Control — View and manage your Stripe transactions as they happen.

18. EasilyDo — Your smart assistant that helps you stay connected

19. theSkimm — Daily summary of current events in your inbox

the Skimm

20. Clara — A digital employee that schedule your meetings.

21. BarkBox — A monthly box of dog goodies.