Following on from its success in France, Tilkee is about to bring an exciting new sales tool across the Atlantic to the US, in an effort to help company sales teams, both big and small. Already a well known name in its country of origin, the company is looking to introduce American businesses to the benefits of its cloud based application.

All manner of sales teams, across a wide range of industries, now have the opportunity to increase sales, by using an application that enables them to access vital information regarding the proposals that are sent to prospective customers. The cloud based sales software gives salespeople the opportunity to understand how customers are reading their proposals, and to forecast whether there is likely to be a sale.

How does Tilkee software work?

Tilkee is based in Lyon, France and the idea behind the startup was to create an online tool that would help sales teams identify those prospects most likely to convert into a sale, and allow more time to concentrate on increasing conversion rates, without wasting manpower. Basically it is a piece of sales management software that does much more than just tracking emails.

All the features can be individually tailored to the users specific needs. There is an online business proposal template that will help create a user friendly proposal, forwarding them on to prospective customers. And it doesn’t stop there – Tilkee will track the behaviour of the prospects, giving real time statistics and tips on how and when to follow up the most likely candidates. To finish up the sale there is an electronic signature PDF option for the customers convenience.

You even get the chance to sign up for a FREE trial or experience a demo.

Features of Tilkee’s sales management software

Statistics – you can receive statistics on your proposals including time a prospect spends reading, what sections they read, number of connections, IP address, what documents are downloaded and more.

Alerts – as soon as a prospect opens a proposal an email will be sent to the relevant salesperson and include other pertinent information. For example what has and has not been read.

Customization – you can upload your own logo, and make use of a range of different themes, creating brand specific documentation and files.

Importing Files – a wide range of file formats can be uploaded including  “.doc”, “.pdf”, “.ppt”, “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png” or even “.mov” and “.mp4″. It includes detailed handling and tracking of all relevant documents and an automated table of contents, so you can easily follow your statistics.

PrediTilk – the software also uses an algorithm to predicate those prospects who are most likely to accept the proposal, with a high percentage of reliability.

Address Book – you get the option to create or import contacts in an address book, to aid in the follow up process.

API – the routines, protocols and tools built into the software allow it to be integrated into an existing CRM such as Salesforce, so that the statistics can appear directly in a prospect’s file.

Languages – it’s currently available in English and French, and soon to include German and Spanish.

Electronic Signature – there is an electronic signature PDF option that allows for a deal to be validated quickly.

Saving your sales team valuable time

From the initial sales idea and proposal to the final closing of a sale can take days or even weeks of a salesperson’s time. Endless backwards and forwards, with unanswered calls and indecisive prospects.

Who wouldn’t want their sales proposal to be inspiring and create an impact? After all the whole idea behind the proposal is to spark a customer’s interest and make that all important sale. With Tilkee, all the hours spent pondering over how to pitch your idea is taken away, with a template that is very user friendly and fully customizable, with your company logo, colours and brand. Indeed it can help every step of the way along the lifecycle of a sale.

A range of links will be created that will allow your prospective customer to be directed to your proposal. Once they click on the link in an introductory email, you’ll get a prompt notification. You’ll also be able to see how long the customer has spent reading your proposal, if any pages have been missed and how many times your proposal was opened.

With all the information at your fingertips, you’re saved from all the tiresome leg work, and to-ing and fro-ing. Able to concentrate on your customer strategy. Why should you spend time contacting customers who haven’t even bothered to read your proposal? Time will be much better spent concentrating on those that are interested in what you have to say or sell.

Tilkee will also give you tips and advice based on the customers behaviour, and when and how you should get in touch in order to achieve that all important sale.

So who’s already using Tilkee?

As Tilkee has primarily concentrated its efforts in France there are several large companies that have added their names to the reference side of Tilkee’s website, but two that deserve a mention are Gazprom and Orange. Both large companies in their own field. There are thousands of other small and large companies that have taken advantage of the service offered by Tilkee, and it’s likely that many more will join them.

Tilkee is a sales management software option for businesses both big and small. The aim of the software is to make the job of a salesperson much more efficient by taking away all the leg work, and allowing efforts to be concentrated on those clients who are most likely to be interested in a sale. As with many aspects of modern business this kind of software is definitely getting more popular and proving to be a good return on investment.

You get to quickly appreciate and understand the impact you have made with your business proposal; analyze your chances of closing the deal; and gain an insight into the best time to call that customer back and get them to sign on the dotted line. It is designed to make the sales process more efficient and productive and Tilkee claims to have increased sales by as much as 30%.

There are currently more than 3,000 users of the software in Europe and a group of users in the US who are testing the system. It’s a pretty competitive world when it comes to new software so let’s hope that Tilkee have got what it takes to make an impression on a very discerning market.