The invention of the smartphone was one of the most important technological innovations in the history of mankind. Smartphones allow people to basically carry the Internet with them in the pocket or purse. This is certainly a lot easier than lugging around a bulky laptop. The ability to access the Internet from a tiny device like a phone is truly remarkable. However, there were some major issues when smartphones first came onto the scene.

Because of their small screens, smartphones were not able to access many websites that were not designed to be viewed by them. This same problem has been experienced by people using tablets. Because of this, special responsive websites needed to be designed that could accommodate mobile device users. Here are some of the reasons why all websites need to be responsive.

1. Many people use mobile devices to go online

When smartphones were first invented, online business were not concerned about the compatibility issues because not that many people owned them. Nowadays, it is difficult for you to find a person who does not own a smartphone. Because of their enormous popularity, a very large percentage of the population use smartphones to access the Internet. For many people, their smartphone is the only way they have to go online.

This means that if your site is not designed to be responsive, you are making it impossible for literally millions of people to access your site and do business with you. Because mobile device users now make up such a large percentage of the population, a business would basically be committing suicide if they fail to make their site responsive.

2. Non-responsive websites are unprofessional

In the early days of smartphones, online businesses were not expected to make their sites compatible for the relatively small segment of the population that would access the Internet in this manner. However, if a website is not able to be accessed by mobile devices in today’s world, it is looked at as being old, archaic and out-of-date.

There is no question that any major business that has a non-responsive website will be the laughingstock of their industry. Mobile devices are here to stay. It is up to online business owners to make their sites capable of being used by these people. If not, they will be kissing a large amount of sales goodbye.

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3. Making your site responsive will improve your sales

If the sales on you website have been lagging, one of the easiest ways to get more people to shop on your site is to make it responsive. When your site is not responsive, it is basically the equivalent of locking millions of people outside your store and preventing them from entering and buying your products.

Once your site is responsive, the millions of people who access the Internet exclusively from their mobile device will instantly be able to do business with you. This will do wonders for your bottom line.

4. You need to keep up with your competition

If you are not willing to make your site responsive so it can be accessed by mobile device users, you can bet your competitors will be. With the online business world being as competitive as it is today, you can’t afford to let any sales slip away because your site is not responsive.

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