Anyone that has a home business and uses eBay as their platform to sell, understands the importance of consumer satisfaction. eBay customers not only rate your product or items you sell on Ebay, but also the condition of the items once received. One broken item can really cause you all kinds of headaches and lower your loyal customer base as the one person that received a broken item is sure to add that information on your page so others will see.

You have quality items and you want those items to be packaged properly and shipped properly. You may have tried different boxes, packing material and even shippers to help ensure the items arrive in the exact shape they were in when you placed them in the boxes.

The main problem with this is that you may not have the right size box or use the proper packing material to ensure the item cannot move around during shipment or the shipper may not load the truck correctly and another box could easily fall on your items, thus causing damage to your items.

Not only do you have to worry about your items during shipment while on the trucks or in the air, but you must also protect your items while they may be sitting on the dock in all kinds of weather. Do you know what happens to a cardboard box if it is sitting on a dock in a downpour of rain? Even the slightest bit of rain or snow can actually cause damage to the box which can easily lead to damaged items inside the box.

One of the best ways to prepare your Ebay items is to use crating. You can actually have the crates created to perfectly fit your products so there will be less jarring and of course the crate is sturdy and strong so if a box does happen to fall on top of your crate, your items will be safe and sound and will arrive in perfect shape. If your crate must sit on a dock and wait to be loaded on a truck or plane, the weather will not damage the crate and your items inside will be dry and safe.

When the crate arrives and your customer opens the crate they will be very pleased with the items inside. You will receive better reviews which will certainly help your rating and bring in more loyal customers. Your customers will be able to leave a review that will explain the care you took in not only creating high quality products but also ensuring the shipping crates were designed perfectly to ensure the items arrived in perfect shape.

Customer satisfaction is of course the best way to get any home business established. Not only do you need to ensure you always create quality products , but you must also ensure that each item arrives on time and in the best condition possible. By using customized crates, this goal for your home business will be a success and you have satisfied customers that will gladly provide you with high quality reviews.

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