Marketing has changed as we know it. Technology has has turned the world of marketing upside down in the last couple of years. Some old marketing channels are no longer effective. It’s now more important than ever to know your customer: their interests, buying habits and preferences. As a business, how do you respond to the rapidly changing face of marketing?

Change is the dominant fact for success in business today. And the ability to master and exploit change has become one of the most sought-after skills. The need to understand and anticipate future customers is bound to become even more crucial because end users are changing their purchasing habits. There are now lots of factors that affect how a consumer takes decision about what to use, what to buy and when to buy.

Marketers relied on tools that allowed them to push products to consumers. Customers now demand more than that. You have to be doing something different to attract consumers. Your business  should care more, interact better and even educate prospective users about your industry.

In the infographic below, you will learn how marketing has evolved and what you can do to meet the changing needs of consumers, while still providing quality service.