Employing people to sit in the office all day and answer phones can be an expensive undertaking for a small business. To ensure their employees are as productive as possible, a lot of businesses outsource their phone work to call centers and voice recognition through services like www.image-24.com/.

In today’s business climate, it’s all about speed. You’re required to find answers and solutions to problems quickly because every day they are not solved; your business is losing money. Another area of your business that demands quick response times is customer service.

If you leave customers hanging on the line, it shoots your reputation down. Therefore, to really standout and be at the forefront of your industry and company, it’s time to consider integrating some voice recognition services into your business.

What is Voice Recognition?

Another way to put it is speech recognition. It’s basically computer software or a hardware device that can decode the human voice. It’s commonly used to perform commands, operate a device or write without having to use a mouse, keyboard or press any buttons.

It goes even further these days and can totally automate a phone call. Software can now answer incoming calls and route calls.  It can handle simple calls and enable customers to guide themselves into finding the answers they require.

Why Use Voice Recognition?

Cost Reductions

Cost is one of the greatest advantages of Voice recognition.  By offering voice recognition options and automated access, businesses do not have to invest as much money into call centers. Less equipment, fewer office and reduced staffing allows you to control costs without sacrificing customer service.

Higher Volume Calls

If you have a high volume of calls you need voice recognition since it will enable you to store clients’ information faster. Is it not a great deal faster to speak information into a phone rather than typing it all out? This will help your business handle a larger volume of calls and serve more customers.

Better Call Segmentation

When it is necessary for you to have live support, voice recognition makes it simpler to direct your callers to the correct departments. This reduces holding times. For instance, customers looking for technical support don’t have to talk with a customer service operator first. Likewise, people looking for the billing department can get to it with ease.


It’s essential for your business to have the flexibility of providing information – across your customers and your employees through different means. It’s easier for your company to streamline the way information is stored with voice recognition services. For example, through the use of voice recognition, files can be retrieved through cell phones, landlines and email and stored.

Happier Customers

This type of services doesn’t just help your company; it helps your customers as well.  Back when businesses operated with traditional phone-based support, the people calling in had to go through endless hoops in order to get the help they needed. For them to see any progress, they had to connect with a live agent first and even that took hours in some cases.

Now, with the use of voice recognition, customers and clients can manage their own accounts, like pay their bill over the phone, without having to wait to speak with a live representative. Improving your customer support can have a significant impact on your business growth. Let’s face it, the less elevator music your customers have to listen to while waiting on the phone the happier they will be.

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