Medium is the new project from the guys who brought you Twitter. I have recently been republishing some of my most popular posts on medium. For the first few months, my articles got only a handful of eyes and recommendations. But I was consistent. I kept sharing. And I found out what really works for me. List posts. Ninety percent of my posts are now lists.

In July, I republished, 33 Websites That Will Make You a Genius on Medium. Today, it’s my most recommended post on the platform. It stayed on top stories for three weeks straight. It now has over 200K views and over 7K recommendations.

Medium posts

If you write, don’t ignore Medium. It will showcase your work to a whole new audience. And I am learning a great deal from all the interesting content I keep discovering on the platform everyday.

Medium says the following about itself:

Medium’s composing tool is truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get and has just the right amount of formatting to tell your stories without getting in the way. It’s simple, beautiful, and collaborative. There are no gratuitous sidebars, plug-ins, or widgets. There is nothing to set up or customize.

Posts get spread around based on interest and engagement, with the help of algorithmic and editorial curation. And either way, you’re publishing into a thriving, pulsing network — not a standalone web site, which you alone are responsible for keeping alive.

Medium is the new way to share your most amazing work. And guess what, it’s incredibly easy to use. It has a very simple, sleek layout that makes posting and formatting simple. Content is the most important element on medium.

Medium is one of the biggest online discovery platforms right now. There are amazing stories and resources you can find to help you learn or grow your business.

And it looks beautiful. It’s one of the best platforms with clean design and full of potential treasures to be read.

Medium is getting popular by the day. Medium articles are showing up everywhere lately- Facebook, Twitter and a a whole lot of media outlets. Medium has only just begun. So if you’ve got something to share, jump in

How it works

Anyone (or any brand) can sign up for a free Medium account and start writing immediately. You can publish individual, stand-alone posts or contribute to publications of curated stories or curate a publication yourself.

Posts – Anything goes with the posts on Medium. Written by journalists, bloggers, companies, and brands, the articles on Medium range from short-form to long-form, light to deep, full posts or teasers of existing content elsewhere. The topics cover just about anything.

Best practices for Medium authors

Here’s a list of the best ways to make the most of Medium, shared by Medium.

1. While there is no designated word count for any story on Medium, stories of 400 words and up have generally been the most popular.

2. Write a headline that best reveals the gist of your story.

3. Choose a high-quality photo (minimum 900 pixels, or 900×900) for the top of the story. Horizontal images work better than vertical.

4. Where appropriate, make use of Medium’s formatting features: two levels of headlines, Notes for footnotes, hyperlinks, and section separators (formed by pressing return twice).

5. Get feedback on your draft, and proofread for grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

6. Submit to relevant Medium collections.

Once you start writing on medium, these actionable strategies can help you grow your audience.

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