I’ve worked in the Lift industry for thirty years and 14 years ago I redirected my passion for providing access to those that need it most and created The Platform Lift Company, says Sean O’Sullivan, Managing Director.

I’m passionate about two things in this industry; firstly, I still enjoy providing people with access to what the majority of us take for granted, and secondly, delivering outstanding and innovative solutions whilst exceeding customer expectations at every stage of every individual project.

Brief summary about your startup

The Pool Lift Company offer procurement and installation, including the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of pool lifts. Throughout the process The Pool Lift Company endeavour to meet the client’s needs and specifications, while constantly considering the user’s experience.

The launch of our company coincided with new laws to provide access for all (Equality Act). In the years that followed we have become The Platform & Pool Lift specialists in procurement and installation.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced launching and running the company

Although the demand for pool lifts has been increasing rapidly, due to the recent changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2012. The change in the ADA guidelines have brought with them a number of challenges for businesses, with the act stating that all US swimming pools, new or existing are fully accessible for all individuals.

Even though these changes as of yet have only been applied to swimming pools in the US, businesses across the world are already investing in improved swimming pool accessibility, through the implementation of a lift solution, as to meet potential future legal requirements.

What has been the biggest success factors

Sean has previously stated that “The Platform Lift Company is incredibly successful, having worked with some of the largest businesses all over the world.

That experience has made a lot of difference in running his current company. “We’re hoping to continue this success with The Pool Lift Company and have already completed several commercial and residential projects, with many more in the pipeline.”

“Fortunately, my passion has rubbed off on our staff, resulting in a professional workforce who recognise that gaining access to shops, offices, places of work and individual homes can be a real problem for some and together we create solutions to radically improve the everyday lives of so many.” he says.

Which do you think is most important: the right market, the right product, or the right team? 

Although in the perfect world having the right market, product and team is necessity, The Pool Company believe that the right product is a great foundation for success and future growth.

This is evident in the pool lift product offerings and how they enable user independence, unlike competitor lifts which require assistance from a lifeguard or a trained member of staff.

It is important to remember that although The Pool Lift Company is extremely new to the scene, it is already competing with the more established companies and is quickly becoming one of UK’s leading suppliers of swimming pool lifts.

For more information about The Pool Lifts Company, see their website www.poollifts.co.uk or call their head office on 01256 896000.

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