The biggest annual inbound marketing conference is happening right now in Boston, Massachusetts. And it ends today. The events brings together some of the best of inspirational marketing minds to share their ideas and experiences with marketers, business leaders and professionals. Training sessions at the annual inbound conference covers inbound methodology, content, email and social media strategy.

This year’s speakers were best-selling authors, Seth Godin and Daniel Pink, researcher and storyteller, Brené Brown, founder and CEO of Buzzfeed, Jonah Peretti, founder and owner of Nastygal, Sophia Amoruso, and, of course, the co-founders of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan.

These are a few of the most popular quotes from speakers of the conference so far.

1. Marketers should spend less time reporting the numbers and more time making the numbers. @dharmesh

2. While others make noise, quietly create value. While they fight for attention just follow your heart. @dharmesh

3. Change the way you sell to match the way people buy. @bhalligan

4. We are living in a post-sale, on-demand, attention economy. @rwang0

5. Geeks Win. People who are passionate about something win!. @soniasimone

6. The old sales playbook is broken. It’s time for Inbound sales. @bhalligan

7. Sell to others as you would have them sell to you. @bhalligan

8. Vulnerability is not weakness, it is the greatest measure of courage. @BreneBrown

9. If you want to create a culture where people are willing to fail, you have to share what it feels like. @BreneBrown

10. If you want to change people’s behavior, you better speak to their emotions. @BreneBrown

11. Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. @BreneBrown

12. You already have what you need. Now go forward. @ThisIsSethsBlog

13. The story you are telling yourself about your competence or incompetence, it’s all invented. @ThisIsSethsBlog

14. There’s no such thing as ‘Writer’s Block’ because there’s no such thing as ‘Talker’s Block. @ThisIsSethsBlog

15. The way we make change happen is by doing something that might not work. @ThisIsSethsBlog

16. People don’t give responsibility, you take it. @ThisIsSethsBlog

17. People who take responsibility get responsibility, and what comes wit is a willingness to give away credit. @ThisIsSethsBlog

18. Our job as marketers is to amplify things, to double them. That’s what we do. @ThisIsSethsBlog

19. Curation moves something from noise to meaning. @rohitbhargava

20. Use a style guide. It gives you a bar to raise your writing to every time and brings consistency to your writing. @bethdunn

21. You don’t get what you don’t ask for. @Sophia_Amoruso

22. The pitch is always better when it offers an experience they would welcome. @LisaToner13

23. Our words only determine 7% of our impact, the other 93% is in how we Show Up. @anesecavanaugh

24. 70% of buying experiences are based on how customers feel they are being treated. @TraceWall

25. Marketing is about authenticity. So we have to do that for ourselves before we can truly do it for a company. @deliciousalex

26. Take a topic that performs really well, and add real data and actionable takeaways. @searchbrat

27. Write content with actual depth. The only way we translate anything into a ‘sell’ is if it motivates and compels. @TamaraMcCleary

28. The right amount of technology is the minimum amount to solve the problem and nothing more. @caseorganic

29. Slap a picture on that tweet — your engagement metrics will thank you. @akmercog

30. Businesses who respond & ask questions on Twitter see their engagement rates climb.