It’s hard to imagine starting the day without apps. For most morning people, some apps are very vital to start the day right. Morning routine apps keep us informed of the weather, what’s happening around the world, what the traffic is like on our favourite route to work, what our agenda holds for the day—and so much more. These morning routine apps can get you through the morning and make your day productive.

1. Yahoo Weather: Find out what the weather is going to be like throughout the day.

2. Sunrise: This calendar app reminds you of any appointments, meetings or crucial deadlines for the day.

3. Slack: Check out if you missed out on anything major on team work.

4. Twitter: Check the morning notifications and respond to anyone who has engaged.

5. Mailbox: Don’t miss out on most important emails that hit overnight.

6. Flipboard: Read the news that matter at a flip.

7. Play Newsstand: Everything you missed from top publishers.

8. Digg: Stay updated on what the internet is talking about every morning.

9. Medium: Read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you.

10. Sworkit: The perfect workout app for your morning before your day begins.


11. Instagram: Get inspired or entertained to start the day right.

12. Trello: Keeps track of everything you should be doing in the day.

13. Evernote: This is pretty old school now, but you can still use it to jot down anything important.

14. Asana: Helps you see what projects you need to complete for the day.

15. Feedly: The best way to follow your favourite blogs.


16. Simplenote: An easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more.

17. Calm: Peaceful meditation in the morning before the day has a chance to get crazy.

18.  Fresh Air (for iPhone only): The information you need to adjust travel plans.

19. Sleep Cycle: The app can wake you from the lightest phase of sleep.

Sleep Cycle