Ford’s new take on the classic Transit is showing a whole host of businesses what versatility in transportation can do for a company. In their new ad campaign, Ford profiles four different businesses, each displaying a different purpose for the Transit.

Before we get into this, it should be noted that there is no “one size fits all” for the Transit. It comes in a variety of lengths, heights, and power ratings, making it adaptable for businesses of all types before it ever rolls of the lot. Back to the businesses.

The first business profiled is a plumbing service, which can respond to any call fully prepared, or act as a mobile supply house. With a variety of possible interiors (from seating to organizational shelving, the latter of which is used in this example), this company is able to be more effective than ever, no matter what the job.

It’s a way of making a business like this independent from a brick and mortar location. And as consumers continue to expect businesses to be more and more mobile, more accessible at a moment’s notice, this is the sort of tool which will help.

Another business profiled is a solo mobile household repair service. Just like the above example, this business proprietor benefits from the space and organizational capability of the new Ford Transit.

She also likes the look of the vehicle, which has a lot of aesthetic improvements over the standard transit van we’ve seen hulking around America’s highways and byways for the past couple of decades. This isn’t your grand-dad’s cargo van. It’s sleek and effective.

The rest of the ads profile both an outdoor adventure company, which uses the Transit to tow a trailer and to transport its clients. Finally, an amusement park company uses the Transit to move amusement park rides, showing off the Transit’s remarkable storage capacity.

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