It’s the ultimate dream for all entrepreneurs. Those six zeros are a true sign of success, and the best way to give yourself financial freedom. Here at All Top Startups, we’re passionate about helping business owners reach that goal.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again, and it is possible. Of course, it’s not easy. Nothing worth having ever is! But, we’ve got the inside scoop on hitting the million dollar target. Follow this advice, and keep a watchful eye on your bank account.

Learn from the millionaires!

Before you do anything else, find a valuable source of information. Our best advice is to find a mentor who will provide advice and direction. Start connecting and networking with existing millionaires. This is easier than you think. Why? Because, millionaires answer their emails! They react fast, work hard, and they’re keen to help.

It’s mindset you’ll learn to develop. But first, reach out to existing success stories. Or, start at the shallow end. Read blogs and books. Attend events and watch speakers explain their success. We regularly attend events hosted by Ken Courtright. Ken is a great business growth speaker, and a keen insight into the millionaire mindset.

Follow the money

This may seem like useless advice, but you must follow it to the letter. If you take only one thing away from this article, let it be this: the money will not come to you! It’s your job to hunt it out, and chase it down. Look to the future, and spot where the consumer market is heading. Where is the money? That’s the business ideal you should be following.

Make money a priority

A lot of people say that if you follow your passions, the money will come. Unfortunately, that’s very rarely true. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to make it a priority. Every financial decision you make should have this end goal in mind. You need to work hard and tirelessly to build that pot of money correctly. You need to live below your means, and make the additional money work harder.

Start your own business

75% of all millionaires are self-employed. That’s because the typical wage of a salaried job will never lead to million dollar status. There are some salaried millionaires in the country. These are top doctors, accountants, and business people.

However, it has taken them a long time to get here. A million dollars must be made and created, not earned through payroll. Don’t be afraid to start a business. Invest in yourself, and trust your instinct.


Very few millionaires got to where they are by saving alone. It’s vital that you make your money work harder. It’s up to you to double or triple your savings. That’s the only way to achieve financial freedom.

Many people associate the stock market and investment with risk and high losses. The truth is, safe and sensible investment is relatively risk-free. If you’re unsure, speak to a financial advisor.

Follow this advice, and you’ll see those six zeros in no time. Good luck!

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