Entrepreneur are constantly looking for tools and apps to give them that edge above the competition. Besides having an amazing team to support your new startup, you also need cutting edge apps to help you work smarter in less time.

But finding the best ones can be difficult. Time is money. If a tool or an app can make it easy and faster to get your work done, make the most of it.

Between managing employees, handling finances, and overseeing marketing and social media, running a small business can be truly hard.

These are a few of the best new tools and apps you can use to make your life as an entrepreneur easier or build an awesome company.

1. Streaks: The to-do list for habits.

2. Product Hunt LIVE: Chat with some of the world’s most interesting makers.

3. Sumry: Changes the way companies and the recruiting industry work.

4. FoundersKit: $6k of discounts for the best startup tools for only $39

5. Taco: All your tasks. One screen.


6. Startup Retreats: Find remote work retreats for you and your startup.

7. Frontify: Create free style guides in less than 5 minutes.

8. The Pitch: The podcast where early stage startups pitch investors.

9. Graava: The first ever camera that automatically edits its own video.

10. Buffer for Video: All-in-one video scheduling & management for social media.

Buffer Video

11. Hotjar: See how your visitors are really using your site – for free.

12. Lrn: learn to code at your convenience.

13. Bookicious: Book recommendations from founders & makers

14. Pixels 2.0: The best free stock photos in one place

15. Launch Kit: A smart, simple website for your app

Launch Kit

16. Really Good Emails – Take a look at some of the best email marketing from top businesses.

17. Marketing Podcasts: Discover podcasts that can help you become a better marketer.

18. Sortd for Gmail: Transform your email into organized lists

19. Handle: To-dos + Email + Calendar



  1. Thanks for the info, one would have to be very selective as time is the most precious resource and their use must be limited to productivity and done wisely

  2. Of course you really don’t need 90% of these apps to do what they do. Instead of playing with a dozen apps entrepreneurs should focus on their plan, their value proposition and developing their product. As with all app’s most are overkill on a niche, have limited usefulness and die a quick death. There are plenty of great project, product management software products that have everything you need and can centralize your information instead of goofing around with a dozen apps. Using this stuff actually kills productivity.

  3. of course you won’t post that. But having brought dozens of new to the world products to market I know what I am talking about. Please give us your list how these app’s have worked for entrepreneurs?

  4. Following on Horatio’s lead, I propose our platform for interconnected work. A great mix of project management, CRM, communications, document management… all in one convenient space. Your clients and vendors get their own free accounts. You can get your free forever account and take it for a spin at https://bCommunities.com

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