Fall is around the corner, and the season is filled with opportunities for you to revamp your marketing strategies and gain the attention and business of potential customers.

With strategic correspondence, holiday promotions, hosted events, and calculated sponsorships, you have the opportunity to expand your customer base and exponentially increase your profits.

Handling controversial products

There’s room to improve marketing for any type of product or business during the fall season, even if it’s controversial. E cigarette company NJOY is a great example. NJOY’s e juice is marketed well to a wider audience through their use of celebrity endorsement and the ability to change their product depending on season.

They offer an exclusive line of Artist Collection flavors, a venture which was done in conjunction with five leading vape industry artists. Their product also gives them the opportunity to unveil new flavors, perhaps some that will fit well with upcoming holidays.

Creating a product consumers won’t find anywhere else this fall season can do wonders for your bottom line.

Cards for every occasion

Keeping your name and services in the minds of previous customers is essential to securing repeat business. Use the upcoming holiday season to your advantage; send company cards to the homes or businesses of current clients and customers with a sentimental holiday greeting message.

Express your gratitude and remind them to use your services in the future simultaneously. Regular correspondence keeps you at the forefront of customers’ minds, and is a nice gesture that they will appreciate during the holiday season. This tactic can create a more tangible, personal connection and endear your company to loyal consumers.

Offer holiday deals

Provide promotions for any and all of the upcoming holidays to boost business. Offer relevant products or services for the time of year, slash prices to draw in new customers with whom you can create longstanding relationships, and let previous customers know about your temporary deals through email correspondence.

You likely already have Black Friday on your radar, but don’t lose focus of the many other fall holidays available for your business to take advantage of: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more. Utilizing these holidays to their full potential can draw in customers and rake in profits.

Plan a Celebration

Plan a holiday shindig and let it serve as a quasi-promotional event. The trick here is to actually make it a party; don’t force your product or service on attendees, put it out there and let it simmer, let your guests actually have fun.

They’ll be more inclined to utilize your services if they have a great time at a genuine celebration, rather than feel like they’re getting duped into an elaborate sales pitch.

Leave your logo in strategic areas around the function, give out goodie bags with company-labeled swag, and generate interest in your company by showing everyone a good time.

Support local schools

Fall means kids are headed back to school, and this presents opportunities for marketing gains. Getting involved in a sponsorship with a school’s sports team is a popular route, and for good reason.

Your name on a banner at weekly meets, and investing in your community can help with brand awareness and project your company as a goodwill business in one fell swoop. This one-step process can gain you a significant amount of publicity, and may find you a loyal customer base in the parents of sponsored athletes.

Storefront bonanza

If you have a storefront, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dress it up for holiday occasions. It doesn’t need to be an all-out Christmas tree, for example, but a simple window frosting or holiday mention will do more than you think to entice customers into your shop.

Don’t neglect smartphones

Many people get their shopping news and coupons from mobile app sites, and if you don’t have your service or product on an app, you could be missing out on some lucrative business.

Make sure your website is easily viewed on a mobile browser as a first step, and look into your options for a holiday-themed app if you have the resources to utilize.

As the leaves change and the weather gets cooler, you should be busy planning your new fall marketing strategy. The season is abundant in new marketing opportunities, and with a multitude of holidays to look forward to, the sky is the limit for your business and your profits.

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