Where do you go to launch your startup before you get cash infusion from investors?  What is the best place that offers the most value for your bootstrap money. Arguably, if you know what you are doing, you could start a business anywhere, right?

With a laptop and a good internet, you can build your product from any even the remotest part of the world. Seems straightforward. But there are good reasons to go somewhere else.

When considering setting up your own business, some countries will be far more ideal for getting off the ground than others. Factors such as a suitable start-up hub, quick and reliable Internet coverage, company registration fees, VAT and corporate income tax all need to be taken into account when deciding on an ideal location to set up a company.

Asian and European markets are generally the most beneficial for launching a start-up. For example, Beijing in China is the epicentre for a broad range of industries, while there is a surge in the IT sector in countries such as India and Malaysia. Eastern European nations like Poland, Russia and Bulgaria are also fast becoming lucrative hubs for start-ups as they move towards increasingly technical industries from a dependency on natural resources.

This Storymap by Brighton School of Business and Management explores the ten best countries in the world in which to launch a start-up. The results may seem a little surprising at first, but it explains just what makes these nations so suitable for setting up business, and knowing the market is absolutely critical for anyone wishing to succeed in the corporate world.