The rapid growth of the Search Engine Optimization industry is quite overwhelming over the past years. The main purpose of SEO is to increase the number of clients that view your website and thus creating more business now and in the future. Increasing the profitability of your business is a major objective of SEO companies such as the Vancouver SEO.

Over the last decade, SEO has rapidly changed for the better and more is to come in 2015 especially in the means of carrying out SEO promotions. The following are the top seven SEO predictions for 2015.

1. SEO will become focused on technical elements while content marketing will drive search rankings

In 2015, SEO will not be a replaceable term of content marketing as has been in the past mainly due to the irreconcilable gap between the two.

SEO in 2015 will comprise of technical online components while content marketing will be the major driver of the rankings of search engines and the main influence on the visibility of searches.

2. Sites that are not optimized for user intent and mobile SEO will fail

Mobile usability is a key priority to Google now and this can be proven by the recent tests carried out by Google by adding mobile icons on the side of search results.

Recently Google has reprimanded websites that breed mistakes for mobile users. Failure to integrate business website and content to the mobile user will lead to a plummet in rankings of search engines.

3. Brand mentions and citations will become as powerful as links

Implied links are becoming common as compared to the express links, URLS that lead people back to a website. The implied links, however, do not link the user to a website but rather just mentions the brand without linking the user to the site.

More businesses in 2015 will track and measure brand mentions due to the recent Google emphasis on citations and brand mentions. The brand mentions and citations are hard to manipulate.

4. Following the failed Google+ Authorship experiment, Google will place more value on social signals from Twitter and Facebook

Concentrating on social signals such as Facebook and Twitter to build the presence of businesses will be a common trend in 2015 after the failure of the Authorship experiment.

Google has been hesitant to use social media; however, moving forward social signals will be the leading grading algorithm factor.

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5. Search rankings will increasingly become more about building relationships and less about technical strategies

A transition from technical component optimization for higher rankings to focusing more on various relation strategies will be a common trend in 2015.

Technical compliance no longer translates to high search rankings but carrying out activities such as been active on social media and blogger outreach promotions will help in burgeoning search engine rankings.

6. Negative SEO will be a bigger threat than ever

The biggest threat to businesses is negative SEO where malicious people create spam links that lead to the competitors business as a means of lowering their rankings.

In 2015, this will be an even bigger problem to businesses especially those with large sites and are in competitive slots.

7. SEO will no longer be an isolated department, but become fully integrated with other aspects of marketing

In 2015, a shift from SEO consultancy to content marketing will be a growing trend. This is because its users are learning that SEO is an underlying component that needs to integrate with social signals and content marketing since it can be affected by all aspects of tis mix. The burgeoning changing rate of SEO makes it important to avoid sequestering its task.

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