If you’re thinking of getting a new iPhone, the next question that you’ll need to ask is which is the best network to use it on. There are a number of different networks in the UK that all work brilliantly with iPhones, so it’s a matter of picking one that suits your personal preferences and works well to meet your needs.

With a range of reputable networks all offering the best for iPhone users, picking can be a difficult decision – so we’ve put together a list of the best networks in the UK to use if you’re planning on getting an iPhone, and the different benefits associated with each.


EE was created by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, and is currently the UK’s largest network. If you’re using an iPhone, EE is a great network to choose as they offer superfast 4G speeds.

You can also get exclusive double speed 4GEE, if you really want enhanced quick browsing. EE also offer a number of different discounts and special offers to their customers, and they like to put their existing customers first by offering them the latest deals.


If you’re obsessed with browsing the internet on your iPhone, Three is a great network to choose from as they’re the only one so far to offer completely unlimited 4G data on iPhones.

Three will also allow you to tether from your phone – although there is a limit on tethering – and you’ll get 0800 numbers for completely free, whereas with most other networks you’ll probably need to pay.

If you’re planning on taking your phone abroad, you can rest assured with Three that you won’t be charged any high roaming charges in most countries in Europe.


O2 is one of the biggest networks in the UK, and is growing more and more in popularity with iPhone users and even users of other phones due to O2 Priority discounts. On O2, you can get discounted tickets to events, vouchers and discounts on high street brands, along with fast 4G speeds and a range of competitive contract prices on the latest iPhone handsets. However, if you’re looking for unlimited data O2 currently don’t offer it, although they do offer packages with large data amounts.


If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone but want to buy it outright and don’t want to sign up to a contract, GiffGaff is a great network to go with – although if you buy an iPhone that’s already locked to another network, you’ll need to use a service such as Unlocking Smart to unlock it before you can go ahead and use it.

GiffGaff offer a range of excellent SIM only monthly deals with great options for unlimited calls, texts and data at some of the cheapest prices – and there’s no contract, so you can change or cancel whenever you feel like it with no charges.

These are just a few of the best networks to use with an iPhone. If you’d like to add a network that we haven’t mentioned to the list, please comment below.

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