Pura Scents, Inc., a Utah tech company has created the world’s first smart fragrance dispenser. The Pura fragrance dispenser plugs into any outlet like a regular plugin.

This new smart dispenser, however, can do so much more than a regular plugin. “Working through Wi-Fi, you can control the dispenser from our app on your mobile device. Now you can fully control the scents in your entire home: anytime, anywhere.

Pura Scents2

You can control multiple units in multiple locations and turn the units on or off, customize the fragrance schedule from all dispensers with the touch of a button,” says Pura’s co-founder and CEO Richie Stapler.

Pura not only improves the ambiance of the home, but also the comfort level. Each dispenser holds 2 fragrance bottles, allowing you to create a custom fragrance release schedule.

Many people struggle with sleep problems, both the inability to fall asleep quickly, and wake up rejuvenated.  A nighttime fragrance routine can help individuals sleep easier.

You can schedule your dispenser to turn on your favorite calming fragrance at night to help you sleep comfortably, then have that same dispenser switch to your favorite energizing scent in the morning.


Studies show fragrance alone can awaken you softly and comfortably and fragrances can trigger positive memories to help start your day off right.

Pura’s app alerts users when fragrance bottles are running low, directly from the app users select their preferred fragrances to be shipped to them.

“To save fragrance and make each bottle last as long as possible,” Stapler explains, “When you leave your house the units automatically shut off to prevent wasted fragrance.”

Not only do the dispensers control the fragrances of your home, but each dispenser has a built in smart night-light as well.  From your phone you control the schedule of when you want the night-light to turn on or off, and choose the color of the light that you want, from millions of color options.

How Pura works

Installing and syncing a Pura Scents dispenser is a simple process. Plug it into the wall, connect each dispenser through your phone (living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.), and then program a schedule for each individual dispenser. There are two fragrances per dispenser and you can program them to alternate depending on time of the day.

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Pura Scents will soon their Kickstarter campaign, and the founders are focused on improving the entire ambiance of your home with their smart air freshener.

For more information check out Pura on Facebook or Twitter. You can also visit the Pura Scents website to sign up to be notified when the product launches.