Most businesses take design for granted. But everything we do, buy or use is influenced by design. Design has consistently become significant in business.

Designers are now important founding members of teams. Design has played a key role how everyday products are made. And the environments in which some of the best designs are created are often creative and encourages innovation. Great design is an important factor in the success of a business. Design is at the core of business growth.

Most technology companies are investing huge resources in their office designs, with focus on collaboration and fostering creative company culture. Time invested in thoughtful office design is time well spent. Employees work better in a conducive office environment.

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The office says a lot about your business

“We spend approximately 1680 hours a year at work. Some people personalise their working space, others pretend work doesn’t exist as soon as they leave. Whether it is an extra plant here or there, or a sophisticated piece of art on the wall, even large companies are looking into ensuring the office reflects the attitude of the company. Most people don’t envision brightly coloured offices when they think about work, but even neutral colours tell a lot about the kind of business you run.” says the team at Modtex Interiors.

Great office design encourages collaboration

The modern office design requires ample corners for privacy, and plentiful breakout spaces for energetic and active group debate. Your office should provide enough space for employees to work, play and hang out together, and it’s also supposed to boost productivity.

Some of the best office designs encourage diverse methods of collaboration in order to develop new ideas and move concepts forward. People work better in a free and open space with little or no restriction. Apple, Facebook, Samsung, LinkedIn and Dropbox are a few of the great brands that have invested heavily in modern office designs.

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Your office design reflects your company culture.

A great office design instills a strong sense of identity among your employees. Invest in designs that highlights past and present successes. This will instil a sense of confidence and encourage team members to do more comfortably. Cultivate a culture of innovation and achievement by keeping success stories at the visual forefront of your workspaces.

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An open office encourages communication 

A well managed open office can improve business communication.  An office design plan can improve overall productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes for employees to perform their tasks and complete projects on time.

Open office is better for collaboration and communication but steps should be taken to ensure employees have individual working areas to focus on they have to do without a break in concentration.

Giving employees an option to work in a quiet, interruption-free area will allow them to maintain focus when it’s crunch time and collaborate or community where necessary.

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Employees with options and control do better

One of the biggest workplace design factors in boosting productivity is giving employees the ability to control their own work environment.

Things like adjustable desks, options for lighting and temperature control, and variety in work rooms increases job satisfaction and improves team cohesion. This can have a positive impact on your business growth.

An efficient office design can save time and money for your business. It can also streamline business workflow and processes. Plan your redesign by considering how much space employees need and what type of design will work best for your business.

In an industry where interacting with technology is commonplace, it is important to infuse human interaction and nature into the workplace to promote productivity and wellbeing.

Having a nice working environment means workers are going to be happier. Unmotivated workers cost money! Create an effective and more attractive workplace today.