Blesque online shopping mall is retailing more than 1,000,000 products and continuing working on becoming the largest inventory retailer on the internet to date.

The company’s unique business model makes their business costs unbelievably low. Blesque wants to become the one-stop place for customers looking for niche products that can or can’t be found in brick and mortar stores.

Blesque is a completely liberal online retailer. They do not pick and choose what products you should or should not sell. And they retail everything. The online retail store does not dictate how should you crop your product images as long as they are in a good quality and do not contain anything unrelated.


How Blesque works

The company makes money by adding markup to the price for products they retail. They do not charge you any fees or memberships for selling on, but they add a % markup on top of your price, which will be their profit as they go on selling your products.

Markup might be different from product to product. searches for similar products as yours elsewhere on the web, for example and see if it could set a lower price by a fraction at the same time making you and the company profit.

How to sell on

To you as a wholesaler, retailer or manufacturer, selling on would not cost anything at all. But there is one caveat. The company does not want and are not willing to store or ship your inventory themselves. They provide free of charge liberal selling platform for all types of products and all who would like to sell their products.

They market their platform to targeted audience who are looking for products that you sell. The retailer takes care of logistics such as shipments and returns, and they demand products to be shipped 48 hours after purchase has been made the latest.

Every shipment is verified via shipment tracking number, just as everywhere else. If you can make such commitment, simply write them an email requesting to add your products to

Blesque understands that you might be selling your products elsewhere in addition to, hence they require all sellers to notify them of any out of stock items as soon as items get sold out.