Ever wanted to be able to use your PC on your new LED TV? Most people struggle to find a solution to the dreaded “keyboard on lap and mouse on a book” scenario. SofaDeck wants to change that.

SofaDeck will allow PC users to move away from their computer desk and chairs and instead move into more comfortable environments such as their couch or bed.


The company designed SofaDeck to be as comfortable as possible as they believe users will want to use this product for hours and so having something large and cumbersome on the lap will mean users will want to finish their browsing as soon as they can.

The product is built upon an almost V shaped base which flanges at the bottom and allows for the users thighs to weigh the product. This has been tested and works really well. And also allows the user to slouch or sit upright where competitions require an even balance lap to keep the device stable.


Height adjustable design

The product is kept in place by the central pillar, this section has a slightly wider bottom which slides just under the thighs which results in a stable experience, without the need to use your legs as support for the deck.



SofaDeck allows for users, to adjust the height of the product. The lock and pin mechanism allows plenty of height adjustment. The product can be lowered to 10cm and can raise to a max of 22cm which is ideal for even the largest of us. I am 6’2” and have no issues.

Gadget slot – Customize your space!

Gadgets have also been added as an additional feature which will hopefully add to the users experience during either gaming or browsing.

The current gadgets which ship “FREE” are the Phone holder and Cup holder, which we have called more an Accessories holder as people can put other items inside.

SofaDeck is currently raising funds via kickstarter

The company will release more information about SofaDeck before the official launch and will happily take your suggestions. Email SofaDeck at info@sofadeck.com