There is a wealth of business information and startup resources available online for entrepreneurs and startups. Most entrepreneurs share their business lessons online for free.

A few of them have taken the time to put together downloadable documents about what you can do to be better at what you do.

These free startup ebooks are available for free download now. They have incredible amount of business knowledge for entrepreneurs.

1. The 4 Hour Workweek (The first 50 pages) by Tim Ferriss

2. Transform Your Habits+Mastering Creativity by James Clear

3. Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

4. Getting Real by 37 Signals

5. Lessons by 50 Founders on Why Their Startups Failed by Thomas Oppong

failed startups

6.  Creative Entrepreneurship by kbs _ Ventures

7. EBooks the Smart Way by Pat Flynn

8. 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillebeau

9. Breaking The Time Barrier by Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper

10. Learn How to Build a Happy Startup by The Happy Startup School

Happy startup school

11. 50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success by YFS Magazine

12. Intercom on Customer Engagement by

13. The OSF Playbook Let’s Author The Future Together (NEW)

14. Marketing Guides by Kissmetrics

15. Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice by Clarity


16. Instant Startup Guide by Harvard University (Office of Technology Development)

17. The Smart Way by Pat Flynn

18. Developer’s Guide to App Marketing by

19. Getting From Employee 5 to 50 by Workable