No business can survive without customers. And every successful company thrives on loyal customers. Your success depends on how many customers you can attract and keep.

Your business can never place too much emphasis on its customers. And repeat business is the backbone of a profitable business. It helps to provide consistent revenue for the survival of your business.

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Christmas is usually the most profitable time of the year for many retail businesses, and having an online presence is vital to attracting potential customers.

But how do you ensure that visitors who browse through your site do in fact become customers? There are three key strategies you need to implement in order to ensure that your website captures and converts visitors to loyal customers:

1) A comprehensive marketing programme that continually reaches out to your customers to ensure that the browsing experience ends in a sale.

2) Ensure that as many visitors to your website subscribe to your email list.

3) Keep in touch with your customers even after the Christmas season.

There are a number of software tools available to successfully implement these strategies. This article will explore some of these tools.

1. Minimising browse abandonment

Browsers often do not stay on your site. For various reasons they abandon the site before any sale can be completed. This can be counteracted with a browse abandonment program.

Customers who stop browsing may often simply need an email reminder to continue with their purchase. There are techniques you can use to remind potential customers that they were in the process of considering a purchase with you.

A browse abandonment email contains the products they were looking at to encourage them back to the site where they can finalise their purchase. This can be used for customers who abandon your site at various points, such as placing items in a cart but not checking out.

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2. Use email promotions effectively 

Have promotions clearly visible on your website. You can place them on the upper left corner of your page or wherever you get the most clicks. Click Analysis is a pretty good tool to see which part of your site attracts the most clicks. Be sure to give the customers an incentive to subscribe.

Let them know how they can benefit and what they might be missing out on if they don’t subscribe (a little fear is a good thing!). Also, don’t be too pushy. You just want to motivate your customers to stay with you.

3. Welcome new customers

Once you have captured new customers, implement an email campaign to keep them coming well after Christmas. Your program can use tactics such as cross selling, up-selling,information-focused messaging and loyalty deals.

Keep your customers in the loop by letting them know when certain items are in stock. Also, you can send out emails reminding your customers to replenish their items once they run out. This ensures strong customer loyalty and repeat purchases even after the peak season is over.

Effective tools, such as those provided by cloud.IQ, include cart recovery emails and overlays that capture visitor data and encourage conversion. These can be used to ensure that the maximum number of visitors remain loyal customers and come back to buy from you.

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