The concept of publicly used business self storage is not new. And a lot of new businesses especially e-commerce companies have been using storage units to save cost for a very long time now.

One of the most important things business owners consider when they start a company is space. Whether you are running your new business from your home or from rented offices, space is always crucial.

You need space to work, space for employees if you are planning on hiring, business physical assets, and most importantly for companies that sell physical good, space for stock. Space is even more important for a seasonal business. These are five ways self storage can be beneficial for your business.

2. Self storage offers the flexibility your business needs.

The changing demands of customers who purchase goods online can make it difficult for your business to plan how much space you need. Using self storage means that your new small business can quickly increase or decrease the amount of space it needs for storing goods when the need arises. Businesses that rely on self storage are not tied into long-term contracts which is particularly useful for seasonal businesses.

“For most businesses, labour costs aside, it is the cost of commercial property that is the biggest fixed overhead. It makes perfect sense to make use of the flexibility of self storage to match with the variable demands of your customers.” According to the business self storage team at Vanguard Self Storage.

2. You will reduce overhead costs significantly.

Most businesses accumulate more equipment, goods and business archives as the company grows. And you will need space to store your business assets and documents. You will also need more space if have to hire new employees.

The more assets you have as a business, the more space you will need. Your small business may not have the resources to expand your premises. A safe self storage is always a great option.

You have a greater chance of running a profitable company if you can manage your overhead costs. Some self storage companies now accept deliveries on your behalf saving you time waiting around. You can comfortably focus on your core business, whilst most things related to stock are handled for you by your storage provider.

One of the most cost-effective approaches to running a successful business is to put some of your seasonal stock holding (such as the big Christmas tree, the festive decorations for this time of the year, large Easter decorations, stock etc), documentation and equipment into a safe storage unit.

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3. It offers you a secure place to store your business assets

Security is a major concern for every business. The right self storage company will provide the right precautions. Most self storage facilities offer a greater level of security with CCTV, intruder alarms, fire protection and other surveillance measures. You can concentrate on your business, knowing that your assets are in safe hands and can be accessed by only those who have the right authority and clearance.

4. Self storage is a great option for companies that sell solely online

If you run an online business, invest in a safe storage. Don’t rent a dodgy garage down a side alley for your stock. Business storage is a great option for running a successful online business. It’s flexible and can fit your budget or requirement without wasting too much money on storage. A business storage solution that can fit any budget or requirement. And you can upgrade or downgrade at your convenience.

5. It’s efficient and it works for most businesses

The reliability of business self storage makes it an amazing option for companies that want to focus on delivering amazing customer service without worrying about the details of business archives. Your storage facility can grow with the demands of your company.

And since most storage options offer delivery, loading and unloading and inventory management, you don’t have to worry about disrupting business process to access vital archives.