There are many smart people. There are also a lot of creative people. However, a smart creative person is a rare find. These individuals have the ability to look at a problem analytically while at the same time coming up with a creative solution. Many startups have been founded by people who have this unique mix of intelligence and creativity.

A smart creative needs to be managed differently than a person who is content to be told to click here or click there and follow orders. People who are both intelligent and creative are known to have a diva-like personality and a strong desire to do things their way. But if they are able to produce results that equal or exceed their diva-like qualities, then they should be given a measure of leeway that might not be given to others.

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Personality wise, smart creative people resist confrontation. Their entire life they have been able to use their intelligence and their creativity to work their way around potentially confrontational situations. This quality is not always desirable, especially in the world of startups.

At times, it is necessary to forcefully state an opinion as well as the reason behind that opinion. Managers should take this characteristic into consideration when asking for input from creative people. One of the biggest mistakes a manager could make is to state loudly their opinion on a subject and then seek input from smart creatives.

They may in an attempt to avoid confrontation instead choose to follow the leading of their manager or of the person who is responsible. This will be detrimental to any business, especially a startup.

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With startups, every single decision has huge ramifications. If a smart creative sees that there is a better way to solve a problem that will save money and time, but because they are working under an oppressive manager and do not feel free to express themselves, a bunch of time and money could be lost.

Smart creatives are not just found in the engineering department or in the design department. They can be lawyers, accountants, or they can be the secretary who answers the phone. A good manager is able to identify these people and get the best out of them.

Smart creatives are able to learn quickly, and they can adapt to their surroundings. A good manager is aware of the staff they have working for them, and they work with their staff to make a startup a success.

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