Websites are an essential part of a business. If your site is getting lots of visitors, your business is going to see more customers and make more sales. But, how do you increase your visitor count? Well, if you follow these tips, website traffic will increase very quickly:

Use a heathy mix of social media channels that works best for you

A killer way to get more people clicking on your site is by using social media. Generally speaking, all social media is great for gaining web traffic. But, I’d focus your attention on three sites in particular. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are three of the top social networking sites, with millions of users signed up to them.

They present you with the best chance of getting people to your website. Facebook and Twitter are the best for getting your website into the public eye. They’re fantastic sites to help you promote your business to people that may not have heard of it. LinkedIn is excellent if you want to target a more professional market.

How can you use social media to get more site visitors? Well, the key is in the content. You have to write engaging content on social media to get your follower count up. If you have a lot of followers, there’s a big chance they’ll click on your website. Of course, you have to provide a link to the site in your social media bio.

Also, you can post links to your website. This is another great way of getting people onto your site. People are always very curious. If you post something with a link to your site in it, there’s a high possibility they’ll click the link. You should also post links to any new products that you have on offer; that will get people clicking.

Improve search engine optimisation 

Search engine optimisation refers to improving your website’s search ranking. What is a search ranking? Well, it’s the order in which websites are displayed in search engines. Say you searched for something right now, there would be a certain order of websites in the results.

Businesses will use SEO to get their website higher up in the search rankings. Why is this important? Because most people will click on the top three or four websites. Very rarely will someone scroll all the way down the first page in their search results.

It’s even more unlikely that they’ll look on the second page. So, if your site is doing poorly in the rankings and lingering on page two or three, it’s less likely people will find your site.

SEO revolves around a thing called keywords. If someone searches for something, they usually type a keyword or phrase into Google. The results they see will be the search rankings for those keywords. Your business will need to figure out what keywords are most suitable for you. Think about relevant words and phrases that relate to your business.

There are plenty of SEO experts out there that can help a business understand and use keywords. As you can tell, it’s a pretty complicated subject! When you’ve found the best keywords for your site, it’s time to start using them. You’ll want to put keywords in and around your site. Stick them in the page URL and content. Again, professional help may be the best idea here, to make sure you’re doing it right.

Make the most of PPC advertising

PPC advertising is a technique that uses similar concepts to SEO. The aim of both is to improve the search engine performance of your website. And, they both deal with keywords. The difference is, SEO focuses on the ‘free’ search results. Whereas PPC looks at the ‘paid’ results.

The best way to help you understand this is for you to open up Google and search for something. You may see there are some results at the top with ‘Ads’ written by them. These are sites that have used PPC to get ahead of the competition.

The aim of PPC is to bid on keywords via advertising platforms. For Google search results, you’d bid via Adwords. If you successfully bid for a keyword, you’ll end up with your site in the paid results, which are shown above the free ones. This gives you an even greater chance of being clicked on. If you’re one of the first websites someone sees, they’re likely to click on you.

PPC is a proven way to increase web traffic in a short space of time. Of course, your business will then have to pay Adwords every time someone clicks on your site. It may seem like a costly method, but most businesses will make more money as a result of PPC advertising.

Start blogging (and be consistent)

My final tip is to start blogging. All good websites will have a section for a blog. It gives you a chance to create interesting and engaging content. Most people on the internet are looking for things to read in their spare time. An on-site blog gives you a chance to cater to this large market.

You can get people reading your posts and it will up your website traffic. If someone is on your blog, they’re likely to explore the rest of your site. You have to make your blog titles catchy and SEO friendly if you want to see more visitors. Hook them in with a title and keep them there with your content.

It doesn’t end there; you could also take part in some guest blogging. Try and speak to blog owners about writing for them. You can then link to your website in the posts you write. So, you’re using their audience to get more traffic on your website.

Some bloggers will happily do this if there’s something in it for them. Perhaps a discount on products or a bit of financial reward. Or, they could guest blog on your site and do the same thing you’re doing. A win-win!

If you use these tips, I can guarantee you’ll see more website traffic. It may only take a month for you to see significant improvements!