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A great presentation can help you sell a product, win pitches or influence people. And a presentation that engages an audience requires more than just slides. Take your static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Knovio makes presentations personal. The app adds your personality and improves the effectiveness of any presentation.

Knovio is the easiest and fastest way to create instant multimedia content, right from your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Simply upload PowerPoint slides, image files, or PDF’s to Knovio, record video or audio commentary about your presentation, and share it publicly or privately.

The three simple steps for creating a Knovio

1. Upload: select your PowePoint slides and upload them to Knovio

2. Record: If you have a cam on your computer then you can use it to record your own video to add to your presentation

3. Share: You can can share your generated presentation with the rest of the world.

You can use Knovio to explain a business concept to business partners, pitch an idea to investors, sell a product at a meeting, enhance a resumé to stand out from other candidates, teach a course you are passionate about to your subscribers.

You can also make the most of Knovio to market your product to your target audience, practice a speech before you finally delver it, or simply a tell a great story about your experiences. Educators can also use it if they are not able to be in class for a presentation. And students can use it for their assignment presentations.The possibilities are endless.

As a Knovio user, you have access to a variety of applications for creating, managing and sharing video-enhanced online presentations.

Your new Knovio account includes access to Knovio Web, Knovio Mobile for iPad and iPhone, and the KVCentral Library app.

The free version of Knovio is a great way to get started with your instant online presentation, but they’re limited: limited number of presentations, limited length of presentations, and limited features. A free Knovio account is limited to 5 active presentations of up to 7 minutes each.

You can do even more with Knovio Pro

To harness the full power of Knovio, GO PRO! Knovio Pro offers unlimited number and length of presentations, plus dozens of pro features like designer player templates, chapters and footnotes, and advanced editing.

Your Knovio Pro subscription unlocks a large number of premium features that turn Knovio into a comprehensive tool for professional storytelling — perfect for selling, marketing, pitching, fundraising, and training.

Upgrade to Knovio Pro for unlimited presentations and many more advanced features. You can sign up for the free 14 day trial of Knovio Pro.

Benefits of Knovio Pro

1. Three easy steps to create a Knovio

2. Unlimited presentations

3. Available 24/7 from anywhere in the world

4. Easily correct mistakes and flubs with a unique no-record capability

5. Share it by email, website, or social media

6. PowerPoint animations supported

7. Export hi-def 1080p video files

8. A full library of customizable design templates

Try Knovio Pro

Professionals from all industries can use Knovio for their presentation needs. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the many features of the Knovio Pro. Content creators in corporate learning, content marketing, and sales will also find this app very useful.

What would you use Knovio Pro for?

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