Oztomeca, an e-commerce company based in California has launched the first online, wholesale platform for Latin America. The company aims to capture the support and attention of manufacturers of Latin America that have very little online presence and give them a platform where they can be seen and do business around the world.

Oztomeca allows for easy sourcing of products, safe transactions, bilingual options, ordering supplier credit reports, product inspection services, advertising opportunities and much more.


Oztomeca wants to become the Alibaba of Latin America in the future. Oztomeca.com, launched a week ago, currently focuses on gathering Mexican manufacturers, a country where the majority of manufacturers have very little to no online presence. And a country whose prices are starting to rival those of China. Their manufacturing wages are already lower than in China.

But few Americans know that they can manufacture many products just as cheap, if not cheaper, in Mexico because the lack of information. And that is what the Oztomeca platform hopes to change; to show Americans and other countries the alternative places they can source products from.

Oztomeca not only links suppliers and buyers together, but gives all the tools to help with the process. The whole platform is also bilingual, as is the messaging system to allow for easy communication cross-border.

At an exclusive launch of the e-commerce website in Mexico, Pablo Quintero, Founder of Oztomeca, said the company is “an important instrument that will promote the growth of small & medium manufacturers in the Americas. China is no longer the only ‘cheap option’ for product sourcing, and Oztomeca.com allows for buyers around the world to find unique, quality products in Latin America at great prices within minutes.”

Oztomeca will soon sign a partnerships agreement with the National Association of Mexican Importers and Exporters and The Embassy of Argentina. Oztomeca.com would be the first private company to ever sign a partnership with the government of Argentina.