When you own a business, there is at least two sections. One part will be the office where you complete the accounts, meet new clients and interact with employees. Then there will be the place where your product is stored or built.

If you do need a place to store stock there are a number of considerations you will have to make. These are keys tips to help you set up an effective storage facility for your new business.

Choose a location

Your first choice is to think about where your storage facility will be. It would be ideal if you could buy or rent a location that is close to transportation links. This will make the delivery of your stocks a lot easier and that is obviously beneficial.

You should be able to save on costs as well but on the whole it will make logistics far more efficient. It’s not advisable to pick a location in the centre of town. You should instead try to rent an industrial estate that isn’t difficult to access. Of course, that’s only your first concern.

Storage facilities

If you’re buying a warehouse, you will be purchasing an empty space. It will be up to you to set it up effectively to store what you need. A good racking system is advisable as that way you can store the most stock safely.

It is certainly recommended for any business that will have a large number of items in storage at any given time. But if you are going to have a large quantity of stock being handled you should already know the next concern.

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These days, it’s not usually warehouses that are targeted for crime. Thieves know that it is far easier to simply hack into to a system and steal valuable data files. But it is still better to know that your stock is protected. That’s why we recommend you do have alarm systems and CCTV tech on your premises.

You might also want to hire some security guards, particularly if your warehouse is in an isolated area. Lighting facilities would not go amiss around the premises either.


If you have stock coming in and out of the warehouse, it is expected that you will have heavy transport vehicles. You need to make sure that the parking on the premises is equipped for this type of weight.

Online, you will find ecommerce companies that can help you provide the solution that you need. They will also make sure that your parking facility is permeable if you are in an area where there is heavy rain.

Equipment and staff

Lastly, you will need to buy the proper equipment for staff to handle the stock. It’s important that you don’t cut corners here. If an employee believes they experienced an injury because they were not provided the right equipment they will sue. Your business could face thousands in damages if this occurs.

Also when thinking about protection, it’s a good idea to get proper insurance on the premises. Make sure your warehouse and the stock you store is protected in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

Follow this advice and you will have the best place possible to store your goods.

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