According to the UK Government’s statistics, 20 out of every 1,000 business premises were affected by crime in 2014, and, if you are a sensible business owner, you won’t want to be among that  20.

If you are, you could either find yourself filing insurance claims that increase your premiums, or replacing stolen stock; either of which will affect your profit.

Keeping your premises secure is a must for any business that holds stock or data that is susceptible to theft, and here we are going to look at some ways to make your premises as secure as possible against attack from criminals.

1. Locks

This is so obvious that it seems unnecessary to include it, but we have to. Many premises are still fitted with unsuitable locking systems that take a criminal no time to crack.

Your locks should be dead bolts that fit into a metal frame, and should be commercial standard. All doors and windows should have locks fitted, and if you can use a number combination or keycard system it will deter lock picks.

2. Security shutters

Access points that are completely sealed off will deter all but the most determined thief, but once again, you are going to need good locking systems, and it is definitely worth considering fitting strike plates as well as traditional locks to all access covers.

Only buy top quality shutters, and have them fitted to metal structures (otherwise the frames can become vulnerable to attack), and make sure you chose the best option for your building and openings. (Click here for some great information on choosing your shutters)


No thieves like to have a photo taken of them in the act, so, if they feel they will be filmed, the chances are that they will not want to break in. All connectors and cables need to be inaccessible to the thief, and fitted by a professional.

Motion sensors are often used, but the best CCTV solution is to have a permanent system connected to a central control room that will alert the police of any break in.

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4. Security guards

A human presence that will guard your premises is a great deterrent; especially if in tandem with a patrol dog. You should only employ a security guard from a company with a proven track record, and you should never entrust this kind of position to one of your workforce.

A search on the internet will enable you to find many security guards UK based who will be able to help you, and also supply mobile patrols if you feel that would be more effective

5. Lighting

Serving the same purpose as CCTV, lighting is a great way to deter a thief. However, also like CCTV, it needs to be working to be effective. Keep lighting well maintained and make sure it is strong enough to light a large area.

Access points should always be well lit, as should approaches to the premises and any roof area. Lighting can be used in conjunction with motion sensors, but are probably better left on all night.

In the ideal world you will incorporate all of these ideas into the security of your premises, but if you can’t do that, use as many as you can. It could be the difference between profit and loss, or business success and business failure.

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