Mobile marketing isn’t a new concept, yet it’s one that many businesses fail to consider. It’s no secret that the use of smartphones around the world is growing. For one, smartphones are now available in a range of budgets. And, they are fast making conventional mobile phones obsolete.

Smartphones are, in essence, just like portable computers. Sure, they let you make phone calls and send messages. But, you can use them to go online, be productive and even micro-manage your business! It’s safe to say that most people use a smartphone today.

So, how can your company use those facts to their advantage? Well, it turns out there are plenty of options when it comes to mobile marketing. Let me share with you a few tried and tested examples that bring results:

Be smart about text messages

Regardless of specification, all modern mobiles and smartphones can receive text messages. You can take advantage of that fact by running some targeted SMS marketing campaigns. But make sure text messages sent to a consumer offer something worthy of the very personal interruption.

The good news is that the costs are low to do so, and you can manage campaigns through a Web SMS interface. In other words, you can log onto a website and run your SMS marketing campaigns online!

The days of sending text messages manually using a mobile phone are gone. One crafted message to your target audience is all that’s needed. The SMS gateways take care of sending the messages out and getting delivery reports.

Use MMS for interactive messages

Sometimes a text message just isn’t enough to get your message across. MMS or multimedia messages are the same as texts, but they can include images and videos. They are perfect tools for sending interactive messages to your audience.

MMS campaigns cost more than text ones. But, they often deliver better results in certain niche markets.

Be creative about mobile ads

Have you ever noticed that on some smartphone apps you see banner ads within them? These days you can target your niche through the apps they use. For example, let’s say that you sell medical products like blood pressure monitors.

You can set up mobile ads that show up in ads related to health and fitness. It’s also possible to only have your ads show up on a select range of platforms, such as the iPhone. You can even make sure that your ads only get served in the countries you sell to!

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Take advantage of mobile apps

Mobile apps have changed the entire dynamics of business marketing. Lots of businesses are now creating apps to take advantage of the global usage of mobile devices.

Mobile apps offer a great opportunity to engage customers and prospects with one of your best brand tools and resources.

People access web content via their mobile devices. And the percentage keeps increasing. Going mobile allows you to connect with and convert your users quickly and more efficiently.

Optimise your mobile ads

Of course, there will be times where you may wish to target a more general audience. Using services like Google AdWords, you can have your ads show up on mobile websites.

The concept works the same as the ads that show up on desktop computers. The only difference is they target just mobile users. Your mobile campaigns must be created from the ground up to optimize for mobile to be most effective.

Offer free Wi-Fi

Most places offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. All you have to do is select the network and connect. Sometimes you might need to enter a passphrase for security reasons.

You might not think it, but free Wi-Fi is a good way to market your brand. Users that connect to your network may have a web page displayed welcoming them to the network. Those web pages can contain your ad content or informative content about how they can get a free offer or product or better still heavy discounts.