Employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Talented workers can help you dramatically grow your sales and profits. Without great employees, you can’t succeed over the long-term. Use these tips to find talented candidates.

Impact of technology

Advances in technology now mean that both workers and employers can find job information almost instantly. Job candidates can use keywords to search for jobs by industry, job type or geographic area. As an employer, you can find information on job candidates on sites such as LinkedIn.

Kelly Services explains that a staffing company can pre-screen job candidates for you. This process may help you find the right candidate sooner than you would on your own.

Clear and accurate job description

The best way to attract good job candidates is through your job description. Your description needs to carefully state the job’s responsibilities. The description should include the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position.

Say, for example, that you manage a hospital and your need to hire a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). You job description explains that job candidates need to have their CPA designation. Each candidate must have at least 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. You need someone who has managed an accounting staff.

Hiring senior managers

A CFO is a senior position in your company. The hiring decision is critically important to your business. Because you’re interviewing for an important decision, you need to fill the job quickly. If the job remains open, it may impact your ability to operate your business.

To quickly find great candidates, consider using a staffing firm. These companies can screen resumes and identify candidates. A staffing company can also pre-interview job candidates to gauge their interest in your position.

These steps can help to shorten your interviewing process. You can meet with only qualified candidates who have some level of interest in the open position.

Personal assessments

There are other factors you should consider with each job candidate. A resume will reflect the individual’s education and work experience. Many firms also ask job candidates to take a personality assessment. These assessments determine the candidate’s preferences for several personality traits.

Consider the CFO role. Based on your experience, you believe that the CFO cannot be an introvert. While the position does not require a strong extrovert, the person needs the social skills to manage a group of people. When you consider job candidates, you review the results of each candidate’s personal assessment.

Proper feedback

Once you hire the candidate, you need to provide proper training and timely feedback. Every business needs to write and update a procedures manual. The manual serves as a training tool for each new employee. Once the CFO starts the new job, he or she needs a comprehensive list of all the tasks that the job requires. The procedure manual lists those tasks.

It’s also important to provide feedback to your staff. You can explain what they’re doing well and where they need to improve. Every worker appreciates meaningful feedback.

Hiring qualified people is critically important to the success of your firm. Use these tips to find good employees and grow your business.