Do you have a dream to work at home with your pajamas while drinking coffee at your working desk beside your bed? 

You are not alone, many people want to do that, work from home and earn money. It looks interesting, but actually it needs hard work and high dedication.

If you are serious to become your own boss, and have your own business, hereby are some tips:

1. Analyze your financial situation

The most important thing in order to start your own business is to understand your own monthly cash flow.

It includes the understanding of the source of income and how the expenses are spent. Your company deserves to get it since first time it is created. Manage to calculate your financial properly, not only your personal expense, including the estimation of capital needed to start your business.

How much capital needed to start the business? 

How much the operational expense to run the business for 1 week? By having the number, you can understand your financial capability clearly.

2. Take Note the stability and self discipline

Money is not the only one factor of running a business

You have to know how to take action and be discipline as your own boss. Check the following points:

i. Emotional level

Are you easily angry or panic?

Do you get difficulties to find solution when a problem is coming?

How do you handle stress and pressure in work?

ii. Support factor: 

Do your family and your close friends support you?

Do you have a partner who has business experiences and can give you inputs to make decision?

iii. Managerial skills: 

Do you work hard enough?

Are you familiar to work with deadline?

Are you able to be a leader in an organization?

To be your own boss, you must appreciate time, money, and project.

3. Working plan

If you will be a boss, then you will have employees, and how is the plan?

Do not plan half-hearted, it will be your business that will be your life support.

Lets say you want to be a business consultant, do not stop at that point. Decide which industry sector you want to be and list down your potential clients.

4. Start part-time works

Normally it needs a few months to start running a business full time. In order to start your business, you can start work in part time. In weekdays, you spend your time in your current office, in weekend you can do your personal business.

Why do we need to do it gradually? 

Why don’t we just do it in focus? 

The reason, it is not easy to get clients as you imagine, it needs a lot of efforts and time. Besides, you will not have much things to do when first time you start your business, thus it will be better you do more important things.

Wait until your clients and financial are ready to be run as parts of your full time business. If they are still not ready, do not leave your current job first.

Of course, it will make you very busy, but it will also train you to have a good time management.

5. Transition time

When your clients number increase, the willingness to leave current job will increase as well.

At this point, you will entrance an important transition time. If it is possible, you try to request working hours deduction from your boss, thus you can focus in your business. If it is not possible, then you must work harder to run your business.

6. Prepare your office

After everything is ready, you are ready to be a legal business entity. Do necessary things to register your company in order to avoid any possible legal issues in the future. You can ask professional consultant service to do it.

You must end the transition time by making a decision, are you ready to run your own business or do you still want to be an employee?

Faster you make decision, faster your business will be started.

7. Keep in touch

When the time is coming, leave your current company professionally.

Your ex-colleagues can be your business partners in the future. Do not lose their contacts.

8. Monitor your works

The key of success is to ensure the works are done with proper prioritization. Manage the schedule, do the most important thing first, and ensure there are no left works.

Now all depend on you, from searching clients and getting income every end of month.

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About the author: Zohaib Akhlaq is a Digital Marketing Specialist and freelance writer. He is also the founder of, a site dedicated to sharing advice on entrepreneurship and small business. You can follow him on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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