There are thousands of influential people whose work are read and followed by millions of people. They are changing industries as we know it. Some of the most influential people in business have profound impact on everyone they encounter.

They’re the ones who constantly ask, “What if?” and “Why not?” They’re not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

To increase your influence, you have to freely share your skills and insights, and you must be passionate in your pursuit of a greater future.

These are twenty of the most influential people you should know. Follow them and read about their work.

1. Simon Sinek — Author

2. Scott Belsky- Founder, Behance/99u

3. Austin Kleon— Artist/Writer

4. Hugh MacLeod- Author/Cartoonist

5. Adam Grant— Author, Professor at Wharton

6. Seth Godin — Author/Entrepreneur

7. Pamela Slim— Author/Business Coach

8. Tina Seelig— Author/Professor at Stanford

9. Paul Jarvis— Designer/Writer

 10. Chris Sacca — Founder/Investor Lowercase Capital

11. David Heinemeir Hansson — Co Founder Basecamp (DHH)

12. Derek Sivers — Founder, CDBaby

Srinivas Rao, host of the Unmistakable Creative, originally shared this on Medium.