The emerging competition among businesses is making many of the competitors to find work in the “down scale market.” Maintaining the client engagement level has become much more difficult than earlier times as firms have started to launch new offices outside their settled territories and union of the industries through mergers and acquisitions is adding up the complexities.

Clients have started demanding more personal attention. And the rise in several ways to rate their experiences right at the fingertips, empowers them to expect much more from the service providers.

Developing a firm understanding of factors that drive client retention and enhances their engagement with the industry can help to measure the client satisfaction levels. Here are few client servicing ways that can help to build better engagements.

Freemium model to speed-up conversion rate

One of the competent business models growing among the internet startups – Freemium can aid in converting prospects into potential customers quickly. Successful companies such as Buffer App, Webex, Drop Box, and Skype allow users to try the free version of their services and products.

This helps in expanding the user base without investing on a number of extra resources and ad campaigns costing an arm and a leg. These companies offer users free trial to test the value of product offerings and determine whether it fits the users’ demands.

Contact management solution to build robust client-base

Robust and competent front-line staff directly aids in building a strong client-base. The team members should be vigorously trained well to enable them utilize every client contact as a data and information assembling exercise. The information gathered must be diligently and ardently recorded into a CRM system.

The advent of competitive technologies that has given rise to some of the CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho, Sales force, Marketo. The recorded data can be further used for marketing and creating mail campaigns.

Sustain customer lifecycle with smart tools

One vital tip is to gather accurate feedback from the customers about their experience after the sale has been made. The outcome of marketing activity follow-up leads to driving customers back into the top of sales channel. This can be attained with the aid social media management tools such as Hoot suite, Buffer, Stacker.

It allows users to regulate numerous social media networks simultaneously, schedule tweets, messages and track brand mentions easily. Analyzing the social media traffic with the aid of these tools can help in evaluating customers’ behavior on the product and services offerings. The data released can be paired with the revenue metrics.

Stringent analysis of client needs and instant response

Asking the right questions that help to gather answers on the pain points related to services can aid in upgrading the service level. You must avoid making assumptions about client needs’. Instead personally asking the clients the trend they are following, the most happening things in their lives and motivating them to share businesses pain points can help to build trust and long-term relationship with them.

Also, clients who receive quick response on their queries grade their organizations much higher than the less responsive firms. Proactively informing the clients about strategies adopted to save the clients’ money can play a crucial role in maintaining the satisfaction level of the clients.

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Serve the best of technology for better client retention

Effective implementation of technology can simplify the clients’ lives. Test the applications ranging from client portal to business website to ensure its user-friendly and serves the purpose. Slower download or upload of documents, broken links, and duplicity in page titles can affect the client’s intent to perform their actions conveniently.

Additionally, addressing complaints and queries effectively, offering discounts on the services and asking clients what can be done to improve the gaps in their experience are some of the factors that helps to create goodwill of business among clients.

Monitor customer satisfaction level

Monitoring the client satisfaction levels can help to amplify the transactional value of your business. Day-to-day performance you deliver often goes unnoticed. Offering a thank you note to the client on accomplishing the desired goal can help to create a bigger picture of your business.

Constantly taking feedback from the clients helps to identify the deficiencies and create highly satisfied customers. Tools such as Nicereply and hively enable businesses to gather customer feedback via email conversation and allows to serve the customers better.

The capability of the firm to meet the wants of the profitable clients determines its financial value. The firms wanting to retain their existing client-base must nurture client loyalty and stay committed to their planned actions.

Success of industries depends majorly on its potential to meet the clients’ wants effectively which improves the overall results delivered by the firms. Highest level of success can come to the industries which succeed in fulfilling the client’s needs on all fronts. And those who underestimate the value of customer retention, Statistics by Forbes will alter their such mindsets instantly.

The essence of all the above said – one old mantra that customer is always right can help your business expand the client base and turn unhappy customers into happy ones’ within a short span. Act now and start reaping profits instantly!

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