A leader needs to have vision and a tactical plan on how to reach that vision. Likewise, a vision needs a leader to allow it to become a reality. Vision and leadership are a mandate for all of us to hold strong and true.

In this post I am going to give 5 key reasons why vision and leadership need to be in unison and why the must coexist and not be in isolation. I also pose a few questions for you to consider in terms of vision and leadership that are worth the time to answer, so keep on reading…

1. Leaders need vision for a long-term success

Vision and leadership must coexist because if a leader does not have a vision then essentially they will be running in circles.

Dr. Deming is quoted as saying ” a system without an aim is not a system.” 

What this means is without an aim or vision, a leader cannot create a strategy or system to help achieve that vision. Think of multiple arrows going in multiple different directions. 

This describes in Deming’s words a system with no aim. Now think of multiple arrows all pointing in one direction in unison.

This is a system with an aim, or a leader with a vision. Vision and leadership must coexist so that resources and strategy point in one direction.

2. Vision and leadership start and stop with you 

It does not matter if you are a leader of yourself or many, in order to lead effectively you need a vision, and in order to achieve a vision you need leadership.

If you choose to have no vision or choose to have a vision without leadership you will not achieve your vision and purpose. It takes effort to keep vision and leadership in line with each other.

Often leaders are great at leading but lack vision or vice versa.

3. Bring clarity and purpose

Vision and leadership together bring both clarity and purpose for those that you lead or are involved with you reaching your vision.

Clarity and purpose are two key components for anyone, especially a leader. 

Without a purpose there is no vision and without clarity you have multiple arrows going in multiple directions which will quickly dissolve your leadership credibility.

4. Both vision and leadership will challenge and stretch you 

They can both do so in isolation, but they will stretch you far greater if they are in tandem. Vision and leadership are two things that take a focused effort to achieve on a daily basis.

You may fully reach your vision at one point, but you can always keep learning and growing in how to be a great leader. You can also seek to keep your vision and live and make sure that it thrives once you reach it.

5. Both can have a lasting impact

Vision and leadership are downright fun if you let them be.

They both require work, they both require your strengths and abilities, they both should tap in to your intrinsic motivators, they both are a journey, and they both can have a lasting impact on those that are impacted by it.

Final thoughts On vision and leadership 

As you progress in in life your vision and leadership more than likely will change.

Once you have solidified you vision whatever it may be your leadership abilities and strengths will help you achieve that vision if you put in the time and effort to do so.

For me personally I started to develop my leadership qualities early on without having a solidified vision, thus I was spinning in circles a bit. Now that I have a clear vision backed with an ongoing thirst to achieve that vision through leadership my journey has taken me to some high points and low points but all in the direction achieving my vision.

Let vision and leadership work in your favor by keeping them in balance, not in isolation.

Zohaib Akhlaq is a Digital Media Specialist and Freelance writer. He is also the founder of How Entrepreneur, a site dedicated to sharing advice on entrepreneurship and small business. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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