Running a business is about presentation first and foremost. It’s all well and good having some revolutionary idea, but presenting that idea is more important. Remember, you can wrap up any old crap in decoration and people will lap it up. Not that we’re condoning that sort of thing. Ideally, the two should go hand in hand, but they often don’t. And it’s digital appearance that suffers the most.

There are so many businesses that neglect their duty to present their products in an attractive manner. And really, who are they hurting? It’s only themselves. If you’re guilty of this, don’t panic, there are a couple of ways you can give your company a digital makeover. It’s the 21st Century, people, your options are limitless. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Choosing your moment to go live

A lot of startups fall into the same trap of launching prematurely. The second they’ve got any kind of product to market, they leap blindly into it without a coordinated plan of attack. Well, guess what? That isn’t going to gain you many (if any) sales.

What it will do, though, is turn people off. Bad reputations spread like wildfire in the world of business. First impressions matter. Don’t jump the gun with your product or website launch. Make sure everything is in order before opening up for public viewing.

Keep it updated

The manner of the digital age sees evolutionary techniques every few years. What once was effective just a few years ago may now be entirely redundant. What’s trendy now will be all but forgotten a couple of years down the line.

You, as a small business owner, are tasked with keeping up with these things. Just as you would for market trends. Your web design should always be fully functional and adhering to the latest popular plugins and gadgets.

You may subscribe to the idea that SEO is dead as many are now claiming. It might be time to move onto another digital marketing strategy.

Be mobile friendly

Smartphones are dominating our culture and have been for years now. And yet, so many businesses and websites are failing to grasp this motion. Well, it isn’t just a flash in the pan. That much has been proven.

Now more than ever, a significant chunk of our time online is spent on our phones and handheld tablets. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then you’re alienating a growing number of customers.

It’s estimated that 50% of all local searches are conducted with a smartphone. Let that figure sink in for a second, and then make changes to your policies accordingly.

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Do yourself a favour in this new year and commit to the idea of upgrading your digital presence. Truth be told, every business could benefit from a digital makeover, but the extent of which depends on what you already offer.

The above three things are a good starting point to tackle on, though, and should see you gain a steady increase in sales. Or, at the very least, make you appear some way digitally competent.

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