Mention the words blogging or social media to a business executive, and you’ll still find plenty that scoff at the idea. This is in spite of the proven growth in these areas of digital marketing, and their track record in forging sustainable success stories.

For many, these areas are seen as substantial investments that often don’t bear fruit. But that, my friends, couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, we’re going to focus on the world of blogging. Or, more precisely, why every company – yes, including yours – needs one.

1. Your blog is a direct line of communication

Ah, remember the good old days? When getting your news out was as simple as compiling a smart direct mail campaign? And truth be told, they were (and still are, in many instances) very successful. But they weren’t the most cost efficient method.

Blogging, for all intents and purposes, achieves exactly the same purpose, with minimal outlay. It’s far cheaper than any direct mail campaign you can piece together in your wildest dreams. Bear that in mind when you wonder if it’s worth it.

2. A blog is super easy to put together

Many people are turned off by the perceived costs of starting a blog but don’t really give it as much thought as it deserves. And let’s analyze that for a second, shall we? Just how costly is getting a blog off the ground? Not very.

All you really need is some hosting, WordPress web design, and a some way competent writer. That’s it. You’re set. Tell me how that is going to break the bank, again?

3. Your company blog is a powerful marketing tool

Take a look at your Facebook or Twitter timeline if you don’t believe me. Look at how many articles are going viral all around you every day. That, with some precise and clever planning, could well be your articles floating around the social media sphere.

And guess what? The more people that share or read your posts, the more eyeballs that are on your product. It sells itself, if you look at it that way.

4. It’s the heartbeat of your brand identity

How many times have you heard the words ‘brand identity’ bandied around in the last few years? It seems like all the focus, especially in the world of digital marketing, is on forging an identifiable brand. And rightly so. Consistency is key, and your audience is going to keep coming back for more if they know what to expect from you.

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5. Your blog creates free (kinda) publicity

And what is it they say about publicity? All publicity is good publicity. While that isn’t strictly true, your blog allows you to control how you’re perceived. It’s a cost effective way of creating brand awareness.

And that, as we know, is the quickest way to grow a business from the ground up. Think twice before you turn your nose up at the idea next time. Give it a try for yourself, and I bet you’re pleasantly surprised by the results.

6. You will attract and retain customers

One of the best ways that blogging can help you boost your startup is by helping you attract the right audience. The simple time spent sharing insight about your niche, product or service can help you get a devout following that listens to what you have to say, and shares it with others.

The more you can teach your audience about the ins and outs of your business and especially about your industry, the more they will listen to what you have to say. You will be gaining attention in the process as a business.

It’s never too early to start a dialog with customers, as long as you don’t mislead them about where you are in the cycle. Build your brand and get leads today. There’s also the opportunity to do some consulting with interested customers to provide needed revenue while the product is still under development.

Trust goes a long in business. If you can win their trust right from the beginning and respond to their comments and feedback, they could attract a lot more customers for you.

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