What’s going to be huge this year? Predicting the next big thing is hard and pretty tough. Every year there are thousands of new startups that hope to be the next great success. A few make it to the very top.

Some of the startups on this list are trying to transform business messaging. Others are attempting to conquer the sharing economy. Some are trying to make the most of artificial intelligence. And others want to change the world.

These are companies with awesome technology and great leadership. Most of them have tons of partnerships and industry attention. A few have massive investor backing. Some of these companies or products will help shape the future.

Here’s a roundup of 28 startups and products you should keep an eye on in 2016. They are hot startups which have the potential to make it really big this year. Most of these startups and products were selected based on their popularity on Product Hunt.

1. Tesla Powerwall: Tesla home battery.

2. Motion AI: Create Artificial Intelligence to do almost anything!

3. Email Hunter: Find all the emails related to a domain.

4. Nubia Shower: Better shower, 70% less water.

5. Lily: A drone with a camera that follows you.


6. Slack: Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

7. Medium: Read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you.

8. Dataminr: Real-time information discovery.

9. Periscope: Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

10. Postmates: On demand delivery.


11. Paper: The new sticky note.

12. Sunrise Meet: The fastest way to schedule a one-to-one meeting.

13. RocketClub: Get startup shares in the products you use & love.

14. Slash Keyboard 2.0: Smart keyboard with built-in search engine.

15. Shyp: Shipping on demand.


16. Be My Eyes: Lend your eyes to the blind.

17. Robinhood: Free stock trading. Stop paying up to $10 for every trade.

18.  Zenefits: Cloud-based HR platform that focuses on health insurance coverage.

19. Dropbox Paper: Collaboration tool built for teams.

20. Gigster: Hire a development team in 5 minutes.


21. Clara: Clara is a virtual employee that schedules meetings for you.

22. Spark: A smart, fast and free email client for iPhone.

23. Slide: A hoverboard by Lexus.

24. Capitan: AI powered shopping list: Never forget anything at the store.

25. Graava: The first ever camera that automatically edits its own video.


26. Product Hunt: A daily leaderboard of the best new products.

27. DroneDeploy: Cloud-based drone software. Image processing for any drone.

28. Magic Leap: Combines visual ability with mobile computing.

Magic Leap