There is no doubt that renewable energy is the future. A lot more companies are looking into using solar as an alternative source of energy. It saves money and the environment at the same time. Costs of purchasing and installing solar panels are dropping significantly. And they are also becoming more affordable.

Solar power in the UK almost doubled in 2014, from 2.8GW (GigaWatts) at the end of 2013 to almost 5GW by the end of 2014, the Department of Energy and Climate Change figures showed.

According to Paul Barwell, chief executive of the UK Solar Trade Association, “Analysis has shown that solar is the most popular form of energy generation, and could provide 50,000 jobs by 2030 if given the right support.”

Every business aims to reduce costs and increase profits. It’s a fundamental principle of any business. Though upfront cost of purchasing and installing solar panels for your business may be high, you will save money on energy bills for not less than a decade.

If your business decides to pay the upfront cost of its solar system or lease it, company utility costs will significantly decline to the point where the savings made overtime can eventually pay for your solar power system. You will also insulate your company from volatility in the power markets for a very long time.

According to SolarTech, “If you generate surplus energy, you can sell the energy back to your energy provider; which gives you the chance to earn money while you help the environment, a win win situation.”

As your business grows, you will rely heavily on electronic equipment, hence the increase in the cost of energy. Switching to solar power always pays in the end.

Your business does not only save on long-term cost, but your solar system will require little or no maintenance for a number of years. Given the roof structure of many commercial buildings, you won’t have a problem accessing them for inspection and maintenance if need arises.

The primary maintenance task is mostly just keeping the panels clean! The warranty over solar panels also makes it easy to choose renewable energy. Most manufactures offer over 20 years warranty.

In addition to savings over a number of years, the UK government offer incentives for homes and businesses that choose renewable energy. The feed-in tariffs specified under the UK Renewable Energy Law guarantees some form of payment whether you consume your self-generated electricity or feed into the public grid. You can be assured of tax free savings for over 20 years.

For commercial building owners, installing solar power system can can change the economic value of your building. It improves vacancy rates and lowers operating expenses, hence making it attractive for potential buyers.

Finally your company can express its participation in the battle against global warming. You will demonstrate a corporate commitment to protecting the environment. You can also benefit from Carbon Tax Levy exemption.

Here is an infographic put together by SolarTech detailing everything you need to know about Solar Panels.