A lot of new parents spend hours reading up on the best baby products and researching on what they need to prepare for their babies. Others rely on friends, family and other moms to figure out some of the most important products they will need for their baby registry. With thousands of baby products on the market it can get extremely overwhelming trying to figure out your baby registry.

Monica Banks (founder and a consultant with a focus on the Mom & Baby industry) has created an easier and fun way for every expectant mom to stay informed about what they actually need. Gugu Guru is the first baby registry to combine a personalized shopping experience with consumer reviews and industry expert input to deliver product recommendations for new parents. Gugu Guru is a totally free to registrants and their gift givers.

The Gugu Guru product recommendation site was built with heavy input from pregnant moms. All of the site’s tailored, limited and definitive product recommendations are organic – wholly based on consumer data as well as guidance from industry experts such as Hollie Schultz of The Baby Gizmo Company, Melissa Schweiger author of the Sephora Book on Beauty and co-author of the Belli Beautiful, Natalie Diaz founder of Twiniversity and Elina Furman author of over 20 books and publisher of A-List Mom.

How Gugu Guru works (steps to a personalised registry)

how Gugu Guru works

1. Discover your registry style

Answer some questions about your lifestyle, personal fashion sense and product preferences.

2. Get product recommendations

Gugu Guru will crosscheck your answers with their database of product ratings from industry experts and fellow moms in the know and then deliver you our unbiased, personalized registry suggestions.

3. Build your registry

Add products to your registry and select the option to have a Gugu Guru team member review before publishing or go ahead and publish it to share with your friends and family so they can start shopping.

Once you complete the process, you will start receiving amazing gifts for you and your new baby! You can also use the sorting tool within the registry builder to organize your registry items however you’d like. Your registry is completely private and only accessible by those you share the unique link with.

Gugu Guru gives you the choice to indicate to gift givers which gifts you really need versus the ones you’d just like to have. When gift givers visit your public registry, they’ll also be able to sort the items by your Must Haves and Nice to Haves, helping them shop by increasing the chances that you’ll get all the items you really need.

Gugu Guru will give you the option to share your unique link by email. Gift givers can also easily print your registry if they prefer to purchase in a physical store versus online.