Cloud is changing how business gets done. A lot more businesses are embracing the cloud and moving company information and data to the cloud. And human resources is no exception. Your employees are your important assets. Employee management is your first concern if you are a manager at work.

And you should be using your best tools to manage employee information, including contact details, job information, benefits, skills, and performance data. Successful employee management promote staff engagement and retention.

You can significantly cut down on the time you need to manage the exorbitant amounts of employee information if you use the right software. Your business should be focusing on delivering your most amazing work instead of spending too much time on tasks that can easily be managed by a business app.

WebHR wants to help you manage your staff the best way possible. The app facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. The app can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in your HR Department.

It acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology. It allows enterprises to automate many aspects of human resource management, with the dual benefits of reducing the workload of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

WebHR features to help you manage your employee data

HR Dashboards

WebHR gives a visual display of company’s most important HR metrics on a single screen, making it easy to the top management and HR department to take key decisions.


Employees Self Service

Employees can put their attendance, apply for a leave request for travel authorization, submit a reimbursement request and even submit their resignation online.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) 

The ATS provides an efficient way to handle all of your recruitment needs. WebHR offers an easy to use and a very comprehensive module to empower your HR department to manage the recruitment process right from sourcing to hiring a candidate.

Social HR Software

WebHR has a built-in messenger for individual / group messaging, a discussion forum to create your company’s knowledge base, status updates for your employees to share whats on their mind and more.


Time & Attendance

AN integrated time management module enables employees to record their arrival, departure, lunch break in and out and additional break in and out and provides managers with detailed information about attendance records, absenteeism, overtime etc.


Generate payslips for your employees the easy way. WebHR Payroll helps you comply with legal and tax requirements and simplifies the process of paying your employees.

HR Calendar

Calendar gives you a one-window access to every happening in your company, such as: Holidays, Birthdays, Leaves, Meetings, Events, etc.

Documents Management

You can create a true paper-less work environment by securely keeping all of your HR and Company documents online.