Starting a company is hard. It’s even more harder growing a new business. The real challenge isn’t getting started. It’s staying in business. No wonder greater percentage of new businesses fail.

There are times when your company just seems stuck. You aren’t growing as a business; you’re just stuck in a rut and can’t figure out how to move forward and crush your goals. There could a lot of reasons for your stunted growth. The earlier you find out what could be the problem, the better for your company.

If you are just not sure which direction to take, Codelation wants to help. Codelation provides awesome technology solutions that help propel organisations into the future. The company partners with startups and small businesses to help them grow and succeed through the intelligent use of technology.

Through their Blueprint process, the team of experts are able to unlock the next 6 months of your growth strategy through the intelligent use of technology.

Here is Codelation’s four step process that will get you started on your business growth

1. Questionnaire

You’ll fill out a simple industry tailored questionnaire for them to learn more about you. Once they have the completed questionnaire one of the team members will reach out to clarify any items and set the initial meeting.

2. Introductory Meeting

The team at Codelation will meet you to discuss your goals, and what is causing pain in your business. A meeting is setup at the Codelation office, or over Skype if not in the area, to discuss details on the results from the questionnaire. They get to dig into what your growth plans are, what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

3. Internal Review

After the first introductory meeting, they take the results back to the team to craft the right technical documents for your business.

By analyzing key metrics of your business and current technology consumption, the growth experts will be able to identify current strengths and weaknesses as well as areas of interest in the upcoming months. This isn’t a one sized fits all approach but a custom approach that works specifically for your business.

4. Presentation

Within a week, you will meet the team again to discuss the technical documents and plan next steps.

One of the team members will schedule a presentation meeting to recap the findings from the previous week. Codelation will step you through your growth plans and how the documentation will assist with keeping you on track over the next 6 months.

Codelation documention process

Once you reach the documentation stage, you have three options:

1. Partner with Codelation and allow their team to help you along your 6 month journey.

2. Implement the 6 month roadmap with your internal team.

3. Take the Blueprint documents to another firm and find out how they compare against the competition.

You can apply for a free consultation today to find out how they can provide guidance, analysis, and growth knowledge to help solve your business problems.