Everyone needs certain skills if they want to create a startup that succeeds. Different industries have varying skills requirements. However, there are some that every new business owner needs.

Learning new things can be fun and exciting, but it can also be boring. People learn in different ways, and not everyone wants to gain knowledge from reading books or watching videos.

If you want to learn the essential skills you need for a startup, you don’t have to do it in a dull way. There are learning methods that can make it all more exciting. If you’re thinking about pursuing your own startup, these are a few of the different ways you can learn how to start and grow a business.

Turn toward failing startups

Many people look at successful startups to find out how they managed to grow. However, you can also learn a lot from startups that aren’t doing so well. It might seem strange to study a failing business.

But learning what not to do is just as important as watching what people are doing right. You can learn a lot from startups that haven’t been able to make it. You might also pick up a few lessons from a past startup that you tried to launch.

It’s not possible to avoid mistakes entirely, but it will help if you can learn from other people’s mistakes to prevent you making the same ones.

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Learn from unusual people

When you’re looking for material to study, you can come across the same types of people over and over again. It’s no fun learning the same lessons from people who have very similar life experiences.

But there are options to learn from more interesting people. For example, if you use The Institute of Masters of SEO, you can learn lessons about making money online from an ex-cybercrime investigator (tactics, networks and tools you need to boost your
business online).

Seeking out these people means you can see startup issues from a new perspective. Whether you want to promote your website or get on top of your finances, there are lots of interesting people to learn from.

Play a game

If you want a unique way to learn about launching and growing a startup, you can do it with a board game. The game Playing Lean is described as being like a “flight simulator for lean startup”.

It gives you the chance to take the theory of running a lean startup and learn it within a couple of hours through play. The game involves leading a team from an initial idea to a finished product. There’s also a second game coming in the near future.

Learn on your phone (Google Primer app)

Another fun way to learn about launching a startup is to use your phone. For example, you can learn marketing skills using the Primer app. The app gives you five-minute lessons, which are easy to do anywhere and at any time.

It helps you pick up new skills quickly and cuts out reading for hours to learn new concepts. There are other apps that will help you learn similar skills quickly and conveniently.

Learning about startups doesn’t have to be boring. Use these tactics to make it more exciting and less time-consuming. Once you are done learning, the most important thing is an absolute unwavering belief in your business, everything else is secondary. Get started and launch an amazing business you care about.