Business waste production maybe costing your business more than you think. Every little effort you can make as a business to manage your waste can save you money.

And sometimes with little or no investment costs, your company can benefit from the numerous advantages of recycling. You will also reduce business waste impact on the environment.

Recycling business waste means less disposal to landfill and less overall harm to the environment, a step in the right direction to protect the environment.

Your recycling efforts can attract new customers and improve customer loyalty. You will improve your business reputation if you care about business waste and do something about it.

One of the simplest actions you can take as a business is a partnership with a great commercial recycling company to set up and maintain a recycling program suitable for your business.

The development of modern recycling methods means that your business can dispose of waste – including paper, plastic, metal and electronic equipment more responsibly.

The infographic below, designed by Dial A Bin, explains in the simplest way possible, the immediate benefits of commercial recycling. And facts you should know about waste in the UK and EU.