There are many important things you need to consider whenever you’re planning on starting up a new business. But a lot of new business owners fail to implement the right data security plan in advance of launching their companies.

And this could leave them vulnerable to attacks from hackers who will gladly steal their sensitive data. Here why you should not start a company without a data security plan in place first.

Hackers know that small businesses are easier targets

Startups and other small businesses are becoming easier targets for hackers and other cyber criminals, who are starting to realise that these companies typically have fewer, and less effective, data security measures in place. Hackers have an easier time accessing and stealing the data, so they’re targeting startups and small businesses more.

To protect a variety of sensitive data, including your employees’ files, intellectual property, financial records, and customers’ information, you should:

1. Draft up a formal security plan that everyone in the organisation can implement, follow, and update regularly.

2. Educate employees on the importance of data security, how to stay secure throughout the day, and how to use the products and services that you’re going to implement to keep your network and devices secure.

3. Monitor your employees’ activities to ensure they’re following the proper security protocols that you’ve set forth.

4. Only store minimal amounts of customer information that you really need to operate your business. The more data you have, the more data you’ll have to protect, so collecting less information means you can secure less data.

5. Only use reputable vendors.

6. Keep an eye on your company’s credit report.

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Mobile devices and IoT have increased risks

Even though there are so many great benefits and advantages to using Internet of Things devices and other mobile devices, the truth is that their networks are often vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, if you’re planning on using these items in your new business, you need to ensure first that they’re totally secure.

In addition to securing your entire computer network and all of its associated devices, you also need to consider hiring a company like to provide you with the 24/7 data protection you need to rest assured that you won’t be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Your customers are relying on you

One of the most important reasons to implement a data security plan is the fact that your customers will be relying on you to protect their data. As soon as they give you their information, they’re entrusting you with data that they expect you’ll keep secure. Don’t let your customers down, or you’ll risk losing them and your company.

Regardless of what industry you plan on opening your new business in, you need to ensure that you have a reliable, advanced, and modern data security plan in place.

Obsolete systems simply won’t work and will only serve to put your company’s data at greater risk from cyber attacks. Prepare today for a more secure business tomorrow.